#tbt shannon sharpe taking us back in time when the menz was 90s fine

at 54,
shannon sharpe looks damn good.
his bawdy is still one of dreams and fantasies.
he put up a picture the other day of his younger self in college.
i gotta font…

why do all these wolves look fine af?
the whole top and bottom row is nothing but a meat market.
that being fonted:

The 90s had a special kind of fine that still can’t be created.

this is why when they say baller wolf,
jalen hurts,
has a “90s face”:

… i get it.
as a millennial,
the menz of the 90s helped my young ass recognize his gayness.
blackness was celebrated and highlighted in our movies and music videos.
black vixens as love interests were visible in entertainment back then too.
this mofo always poppin’ up as “the hot light skin boyfriend“:

i was watching a story a foxholer put up the other day.
it was a vixen saying she wants to recreate that 90s fine this summer:

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i think what it is,
when i think back to videos from the 90s:

It was a simple and effortless look which is hard to explain.

it seems most people want to look like their online filters.
i know one thing:

We don’t have a lot of fine celebs like in the 90s.

no young lls,
or morris chestnuts.

with vixens,
there are no young aaliyahs,
or ashley banks.
i remember the straights having mean crushes on ashley banks as a kid.

we need some more eye candy and “crushes”.
our rappers look like they don’t shower/worship the devil,
our fine black actors are too far and in between,
and we don’t really have any professional male models.
even the white celebs are eh.
no young brad pitts:

…who was ( x dippin’ in chocolate ) when he was younger too.
not only that but:

I only see fine/handsome/sexy people on social media.

it’s like a 90s fine resurfacing this year.

shannon sharpe screenshot: here

20 thoughts on “#tbt shannon sharpe taking us back in time when the menz was 90s fine

  1. I think this is a great conversation. I don’t think it has anything to do with masculinity I just think at the end of the day there is something to be said about being clean cut, knowing how to wear a suit or tie a tie, there is something to be said about not having all of your business out in the open for everyone to see; there is something to be said about respectability and respectability politics.

    If we go back to the 90’s what was happening at the time? You had the tech boom (or they called it the dot.com boom) but you also had the rise of mass incarceration especially for black men. In the 90’s even if you were in a criminal enterprise you wanted to create the illusion that you were legit, you didn’t want a lot of unwanted attention it wasn’t a good thing to get arrested or go to jail there was shame in that. If you look at the shows and movies of the time “Martin , Living single, the Cosby’s, Malcom and Eddie, A different World, Family matters, the brothers, the best man, boomerang etc.”, a lot of the men were very similar everyone was either in college , working class, or a professional. As the 90’s progressed and mass incarceration started to take effect you also saw a lot of programs and educational opportunities that you could take advantage of in jail/ prison started to be taken away as well. So when these men started to come home I think we started to downplay respectability.

    Now, we’ve thrown away working class and even to some extent professionals, if you don’t have the money by hook or by crook a lot of people aren’t interested. People brag about being criminals, drug use, sexual exploits etc. Not to be a prude but their is too much debauchery going on, some respect and modesty goes along way.

  2. I saw a viral pic of Black Latinos in new York at what looked like a pride back in 05-06 and I remember seeing it and wanting to be involved with the community. The older I’ve gotten the less that muscle bound arrogant type of dude has appealed to me. Great to look at but to pursue? Nah. I think social media expanding made men a lot less sexy bc we see how they think and what little they have to say.and now there’s discourse around how liking masculine or cisgendered men is a thing of the past and if you don’t like men with red nail polish doing cheer dances in the cereal aisle you’re heteronormative bc “gayness is inherently feminine” we diagnose everything nowadays. The everyday average gay male of the 80s turned into butch queens of the 90s turned into fem queens of the noughties and androgynous in the twenty teens now gender non conforming or NB.

    I wonder sometimes if a person were to be in a coma for 20-30 years how shocked they’d be when they gained consciousness. It’s at a point now when Caitlyn Jenner can be a transwoman and complain about wokeness. That’s how progressive society is. Even people in communities considered taboo in the 90s is normal and in a position to judge bc of social media.

  3. Hunni……That Jalen Hurst is FYYYYYYYNNNNNEEEE in person….I’m from Alabama and I ran across him one day at the store down from my home…..Tall….and that damn smile…..Yes gawd!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 Yeah… he’s 90s fyne…..

  4. Because 99% of blk male celebs now are hodrat rappers. Hell they get most of the acting roles too. Very limited number of black male celebs besides rappers. The HOOD hood is winning right now, and their image isn’t exactly associated with ‘fine’, to say the least…

  5. The 90’s era had so many handsome black guys. It was really a meat market back then. I have had a crush on so many of these guys. Like someone else said there were other guys that had swag out of this world.

  6. Wow what a very interesting topic! See Jamari the thing is you have to consider this is a totally different generation of men who were born in the 1950s, 60’s and 70’s. The standard for manhood was different regardless of sexuality or orientation the bodies were all natural the food was different then even for the 80’s and 90’s. The men today are missing something it’s like that essence is gone raw masculinity is becoming a rarity slowly but surely it will become a thing of the past thanks to processed food,thug culture,rap/hip hop etc. Y’all better hope we can eventually turn this around cause if not the 90’s is going to the last reference point to real masculinity.

    1. ^ you hit the nail on the head kelly!!!

      you are right when the men today are missing something.
      even tho the bawdies be bawdying,
      the males today are missing that “something”.
      they sexy but something is def missing and you are right.

      some males today are really bitchy too and that takes away from the whole sex appeal.

      1. Oh nothing but facts! Cause all the muscles in the world will never compare to the raw natural essence of raw masculine energy. I’ve seen men who were not muscular but have swag and sex appeal out of this world! i.e Heavy D, Gerald Levert, Joe the singer and many more from that era.

        1. ^ honestly,
          no matter if they were slim,

          back in that 90s fine,
          none of that even mattered.
          i remember female friends and cousins lusting after tevin campbell!!

          1. Yes I totally remember that! Boy you are bringing me back! But when I was a kid I had a crush on Merlin Santana the boy who played Stanley on the Cosby Show but of course he couldn’t compete with the legendary Allen Payne now that man right there was future husband in my head. But of course I was kid then so it all in my head but guess what when Jason Lyric came out oh I was hot and ready like a little caesars pizza.😂😂😂

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