lebron james needs to be in the espn body issue (period)

why hasn’t lebron james been in the espn body issue?
he is the body issue.
all those issues,
and he hasn’t graced the pages to bless us with the meats.

he posted a video of him working out for “space jam 2” on his stories and well…

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The Stress Is Ruining You

i randomly thought about nicki minaj brother,
jelani maraj,
when i woke up.
darren sharper too.
i am not desperate or going crazy.
i was thinking about how stress will legit transform your bawdy.
those two have everything to be stressed about…

and it did the same to me…

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Rarri True Takes Off His Clothes To Prove He Isn’t A Square

so rarri true isn’t really shaped like a square.
with his clothes off.
the following video randomly popped up on my tumblr timeline.
i guess he wanted to show he wasn’t made by maytag
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I Was Out (and I Didn’t Look Back)


i left early today.
i definitely wasn’t feeling good

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Tashaun Gipson Has Some Pipe Leakage For The Foxhole

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.26.36 PMfoxhole.
let’s talk about tashaun gipson.
he is the nfl baller wolf who played for the cleveland browns,
but now he plays for the jacksonville jaguars.
judging from ^that picture,
you would think he was single and being an attentionisto.
he is allegedly involved and has two cubs.
so allegedly,
tashuan has been a little thirsty for some side vixen hole.
he sent a vixen reader of “industry on blast” all his meat to entice her,
but she decided to blast him all their website.
he sent her a video,
pictures of his meat,
and a shot of his pay stub.
i’m starting to see the dehydration.
the following is:


ready for it?…
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At Least Clayton Fox Knows “Naked” Very Well

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 10.15.24 PMremember the wolf ( x this morning ) that was on the toilet?
the one that if he was in your crib,
you may have ignored whatever was going on?
well a foxholer gave us a lead to sniff out his trail.
everyone meet clayton fox.
he is a wolf from brazil who clearly likes to be almost naked…
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