lebron james needs to be in the espn body issue (period)

why hasn’t lebron james been in the espn body issue?
he is the body issue.
all those issues,
and he hasn’t graced the pages to bless us with the meats.

he posted a video of him working out for “space jam 2” on his stories and well…

the thrusts >>>
the tail >>>
the arch >>>

yall know i was into lebron’s bawdy in entries past.
he has the best bawdy in the nba.

Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on “lebron james needs to be in the espn body issue (period)”

  1. I don’t see it. And I normally agree with you but LeBron I just don’t see it.
    But I will say never noticed dat ass until this video.

  2. I’ve always thought he was sexy, especially with those broad shoulders & muscular bowed legs. And he gets hotter as he gets older too, like fine wine. Come get it, Bron!

  3. LeBron knows exactly what he’s doing. The one thing I’m learning from theses exercise videos is the implication of it all. Seeing him do those hip thrusts definitely implies something else……

  4. Everytime Lebron does squats, that booty be sittin, lol. I find him attractive sometimes, not all the time, but I cant deny looking at that booty is helping me a lil bit. It just looks sooo perky when he bending down…yummy

  5. The sexiest thing about Lebron is how comfortable he is with himself. I highly recommend Survivor’s Remorse. It’s loosely based on his life and gives great insight into how much he “loves us for real”. It was on STARZ so I don’t get why it never got as big as Power. It’s like The Game (with Tasha Mack and Med School) mixed with Adult Swim.

    Nothing better than a father who loves his children, loves his people and isn’t problematically homophobic.

  6. Really not seeing the hype in this vid as folks have been saying. If this would have been Odell I would have been glued to the screen for a lil bit.

    1. @Jammy, mann….when Odell release a squat video, that will be the end of me, lol. But I think the reason a lot of people like Lebron’s vid is because of the arch, and how his ass looks when he’s doing it. But as soon as he stands back up straight, his ass is gone, lol.

      1. Must be the arch then cause I was looking for his booty. There was a football player that was featured on here named some with an “S” Saquan or whatever but he has a nice ass. I know a nice ass when I see it.. especially liking a Top with one…I wanna grab it when he hitting it missionary. Hold them cheeks like handles.

  7. I’d eat all fucking night he is very sexy lucky wife he has hope she’s knows how to handle all that he got it going on period

  8. Yea I was taken aback lol. We have discussed his body on here for several years now and I was still blown away. As one of the older players in the league, he has a better body than most players in the NBA.

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