so i watched the 2019 vmas and well…

i thought it started at 9pm.
i missed a TON of shit,
but i was “eh” about it.
the mtv vmas has taken many steps to the back from earlier days.
it use to have immense star power,
but now i’m like…

so here are some thoughts

– the camera only panned on the same people

taylor swift and her posse
lil nas x
gigi and bella hadid
some white vixen in a sparkly dress

– taylor swift performance looked like a level from “mario bros”

cute performance.
i really like that “lover” song tho.
i think that song takes her back to her roots 110%.
she annoyed me everytime she won.
we know “you know” you were winning.

– lizzo does no wrong for me.

my big vixen is living her best life and giving the bomb performances.
her album makes me feel fearless.
ill allow her.

– i really like lil nas x.
i’m rooting for him.

i’m glad he did something new than “old town road”.
he needs to promote his other songs so he isn’t in “one hit wonder” road.
the curve he gave bobby lytes:

i was wondering why bobby lytes was randomly standing on the stairs.


i thought he was doing a skit or something.
the “after curve”.
i don’t blame him tho.
lil nas x is cute:

…but i doubt he’ll give bobby lytes what he wants.

cc: theshaderoom

– this is not believable at all:

did they give him tatts to look more like a “bad boy” too?
they should have kept him as a “mystery”.
they put luther vandross on stage and told him to just sing.
vixens got wet off his voice alone.
no alleged “beards” needed.


are the folks she use to work with in her past on bad terms with mtv?
lil mo?
why were they not “there” for her award?
and cardi being the presenter?
if this was early to mid 2000s,
they would have been there.

they really played her for her performance.
what an awful song choice.

– i hate that i like this song:

she is on her “victim” tour at the moment.
at least she isn’t twerkin…

– so i’m a stan.
the princess has arrived:

i will say that she danced really hard.
i was scared she was gonna pop a bone.
that song is perfect for her to perform tho.
it works for her to let loose on stage.
her team is setting the foundation nicely.
i cannot wait to see where she goes.

what was this acid trip?

was the theme of the night “mario bros level”?

why did they involve a “fashion” award?
unless they styled an artist on a music video,
that was really irrelevant

it was kinda better than last year,
but that’s not fonting much.
mtv needs to get back their star power at the vmas ASAP.
they don’t even play music on their channel anymore so i’m expecting too much.

i guess i’ll be back next year.

lowkey: i feel like bet awards is slightly better.

10 thoughts on “so i watched the 2019 vmas and well…

  1. See, I’m trying to like Lizzo but as an up and coming artist. I still can’t believe she is on the way to getting a Grammy from a stolen lyric and she had ignored when she was asked about it. Scumbag move

  2. Didn’t watch the show but I enjoyed some of the performances. Lizzo had the best one of the night. I mean I got chills during her performance. Lil Nas X seems like a really great kid. I wish he’d perform his song closure. Normani is a superstar and that song is so cute. If I was her manager I would be digging in MTV’s ass though because of how they fucked up her sound. I hope she continues to go into the pop route. Quiet as it’s kept we don’t need no more black women singing the sad songs! Miley did really good too, I am not gonna give her too much tho because she a racist but the white bitch did alright. Taylor Swift is so odd to me. She always looks so out of place but she sells records. I do see that shes pandering now tho, with black guy in her video. Her openly associating with the black gays as well.

    1. P.S. Shawn Mendez it’s okay bro. IDK who actually believes that “romance” between him and canilla combello.

  3. Bobby is definitely that over flamboyant gay guy in college who thirsted after all the straight guys and the reason why the straights didn’t want any association with the gays!

  4. I think Rosalia did a great job, I couldn’t understand what she was saying but she did it beautifully

  5. Hmmm I really want to root for Normani, butttt that performance wouldn’t fly on BET Awards stage.

    I’m not sure if being pretty and hitting dance moves is enough to sell for a black woman sadly. That act only worked for Britney because white girls rarely dance on beat and her production was always impeccable. Any black girl with a dancing and gymnastics background could’ve done that dance routine and it was obviously prerecorded with minimal adlibs that give her any stage presence.

    I guess time will tell…

    1. I’m not feeling Normani either. Her dance routines always look silly to me. She comes across as a desperate copy cat to me. She wants to be the new Beyonce. BADLY.

      1. I don’t get the Beyoncé comparisons at all. Aside from them both being black and flipping their long hair, they have nothing in common. Beyoncé always had stage presence. Normani needs her own sound and this one sounds like a song Ariana Grande rejected.

        Summer Walker, Ari Lennox, Sza have all managed to come up with very distinctive sounds.

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