ya’ll ate up all the popeyes chicken sandwiches for the rest of us


Ya’ll turnt TF up so hard,
Popeyes had to issue a statement about the chicken sandwich

all the fighting and temper tantrums got us to this point.
this is what they had to say on twitter

i’m not fainting because of the statement.

I’m fainting because I didn’t get SHIT

i knew i shoulda went to popeyes sooner than later.
they said they were stocked until october,
but they obviously underestimated the turn up.
i need them to learn what “supply and demand” is.
i guess i’ll have to live vicariously through the foxhole who had a taste.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “ya’ll ate up all the popeyes chicken sandwiches for the rest of us”

  1. I had the sandwich weeks before all the hoopla. It’s ok. I didn’t like the taste of pickle with chicken.

  2. I had it, I definitely liked it better than chick-fil-a…but no sandwich was worth all that hype, fighting and carrying on…but if all that’s pushed to the side, then yeah it’s a really good sandwich.

  3. Damn me and my brother were making arrangements to pick some up. I guess we’ll have to wait till they restock.

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