victoria monet isn’t ready yet?

i’m not even gonna hold you but…

I literally listened to a Victoria Monet album for the first time last week.

 her song,


…popped up on a playlist and i “really heard it“.
your spirit isn’t ready yet.
i checked out her album,
and realized i’ve been missing out.
i only know of victoria because she bagged:

On Friday, February 26, the singer-songwriter announced that she and John Gaines welcomed their first child, a sweet baby girl. Victoria shared her daughter’s presence in the world with a close-up photo holding her newborn’s hand, and used her caption to reveal the baby’s name: Hazel Monét Gaines. Victoria also noted that Hazel was born on February 21, adding, “Mommy and Daddy love you so much!”, , PHOTOS TAKEN WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM INSTAGRAM:

… fine-ass wolf,
john gaines jr.
she just came out with her second album,
jaguar II,
two weeks ago but fans thought she’d perform at the vmas.
mtv curved and told her…

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so i watched the 2019 vmas and well…

i thought it started at 9pm.
i missed a TON of shit,
but i was “eh” about it.
the mtv vmas has taken many steps to the back from earlier days.
it use to have immense star power,
but now i’m like…

so here are some thoughts

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so i watched the 2018 mtv vmas, where madonna paid tribute to herself, and well…

ya know,
i sent in request emails for me to attend the mtv vmas this years.
since it was in new yawk at radio city,
i wanted to go and give a review of my evening.
well i ended up getting no response.
after watching tonight’s broadcast tho…

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“I Loved You Since I Was 22” (Start “I’m Still a G” Tears)

tumblr_ocoqfop48K1u5zp1po1_400can i tell you ^this part was my favorite?
drake gets up on that stage and put it all on the line for rihanna.
he didn’t care that they would drag him online.
he went for it and i think she took it.
check the full speech
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This Sums Up The Entire #VMA For Me

beyonce_queen^this was it.
i don’t even think i remember the show.
who was there.
what someone wore.
all i remember was beyonce sung her entire album like an itunes preview.
in my lifetime,
i can say i witnessed beyonce shut the vmas down.
maybe why i like beyonce is different from everyone else tho…
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