so i watched the 2018 mtv vmas, where madonna paid tribute to herself, and well…

ya know,
i sent in request emails for me to attend the mtv vmas this years.
since it was in new yawk at radio city,
i wanted to go and give a review of my evening.
well i ended up getting no response.
after watching tonight’s broadcast tho…

…i’m kinda glad God let me sit that one out.
was i the only one bored by the night’s festivities?
the only noticeable performances i enjoyed was ariana and jlo.
oh and panic at the disco,
i guess.
sidebar: i love how nicki tried to act like she was performing live,
when her entire performance was down pre-recorded at world trade.
it’s not like that is in close proximity to to radio city.
my biggest beef of the night tho…


Madonna and her “tribute” to the late,
Aretha Franklin

first of all,
wtf was she wearing?

WTF was she even talking about?

she goes on to tell a story how she was a struggling singer,
went to meet up with some producers,
something along the lines of telling them who aretha franklin was,
and singing her way out of a crack house.
after that moment,
she became a star and the rest was history.
there was no speaking of aretha’s life or her legacy.
madonna made it about her,
and if you saw my tweets,
that shit had me a whole vex out here.
i guess i’m glad she didn’t sing anything,
but the fact she did a tribute to herself was disgusting.
i needed the biggest rockette to kick her ass off the stage.

aside from that,
the award showed how we don’t have much star power.
its bad the cameramen really had no a listers to pan too.
it was a toss up of ariana,
that’s it.
ariana’s brother,

i’m glad i came up in an time where big deals attended these events.
as a cub,
i wouldn’t miss a show.
entertainment was always been “my thing”.
i think a part of me tries to be optimistic every year,
but i’m noticing many of our greats sit them out.
let’s hope the bet awards do better next year.
i’ll continue to hold out hope.

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4 thoughts on “so i watched the 2018 mtv vmas, where madonna paid tribute to herself, and well…”

  1. I didn’t watch. I did see a bit of the clip of JLo giving A-Rod props. She go hard for her dudes, but I’ve never heard them praise her like that. I was a little ticked at her. He must be hitting that right! Got her seeing stars and shyt! Lol

  2. Idk…I said several posts you were going to see something interesting….well after all the black people are erased from the scene and replaced that is.

  3. You are very correct. For me, award shows used to be must see tv. Mainly because you got to see EVERY A-list band and artist dressed to the 9’s, performing all in one place. There is no star power anymore. Nor is there any shock value anymore. The VMA’s used to be the “anti-grammys”.I remember in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, the biggest names from EVERY musical genre would show up drunk and high just to party, perform, and celebrate each other. The musical performances are some of the best ever because they could do whatever their creative director could come up with. In 1984 when Madonna made her MTV VMA debut she shocked the world. In 2003 When Beyonce come out literally upside down, people gasped. Even more so, the surprise appearances, the unplanned shit, all made the VMA’s the wildest award show ever. In 2000, when 98 degrees and Toni Braxton were presenting an award, some guy from the audience literally walked on stage and climbed up one of the beams, they had to literally stop the show and have security bring him down. These are the moments people still talk about. Now, there are no memorable performances or big moments. Everything has gotten so mediocre and its sad.

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