nicki minaj should blame the barbz for making her number 2

can someone explain to me WHAT nicki minaj is doing?
as you know,
this whole “queen” era is a shit show.
i didn’t think queens carry on the way how she is.
so the billboard charts came out and nicki came in at number 2.

you’d think coming in second would be no issue,
she got to fonting on twitter and …

this was my favorite in the ranting:

i’m sooooooooo embarrassed for ha.
this whole thing is actually sad to watch.
my thing is that instead of blaming everyone else,
she needs to blame her stan base called “the barbz”.
they dropped the ball with this album.
they will get into formation to drag other artists,
but they didn’t align where it mattered most:


the barbz didn’t feel it was necessary to support.
so to blame stormi,
or world hunger for the lack of album sales is a reach.
this is lesson for those who live by “numbers” tho.
(likes and followers for every day folks)
if you’re passionate about your art,
where you chart shouldn’t mean anything.
your supporters enjoying it is all that matters.
this all reeked of “i’m gonna sell better than cardi” to me anyway.
i hate that her “replacement” might be cardi,
since i don’t think like her rapping voice,
but she is more down to earth and relatable.

i think this is  nicki’s first stop in being humbled.
if all this sabotage font is true,
nicki fell into all the traps the big bad wolves set for her.
she could have handled this shit like a true queen,
but most of us are on on some….

i think she needs to put her phone in the laundry hamper,
cut all this radio shit out,
get in the war room,
and talk about next steps.
she may have gotten ahead of herself with the “queen” title.
i feel that album is going to tumble off the charts by next week.

lowkey: i love how spotify responded…

i saw her shit all over spotify too
until aretha passed away and showed her up.

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “nicki minaj should blame the barbz for making her number 2”

  1. She reminds me of Morticia Addams in the pic with the long hair.

    I sure hope this lady takes her talents and apply them to something more lucrative before it’s too late. If she hasn’t already, it’s she should start a fashion label and call it Queen or Barbz.

    She she has sultry image, she might be good creating lingerie for women. 🤔

    1. ^lmao @ “this lady”.

      she should take those oversized butt cheeks out and do a complete make over.
      start dropping little eps here and there.
      it would be in her best interest to pay homage to her legends in the rap game too.

      she needs to drop this era and start anew!

  2. I understand wanting to be better than others and the pressure to be number one. I don’t get why something like this is happening publicly though. The other issue is that the Barbz defend everything she says and does to the point where you can’t have a logical conversation with them.

    1. ^yet none of them are buying her album.

      they didn’t show up where she needed it most so she was gonna flop.
      how is getting 2 million likes a pic,
      but only sold close to 86k?
      something is off.

  3. This is what happens when you’re the loudest person in the room with nothing to show for it, now the same people that were rooting for her last week during her twitter clapbacks are laughing at her petty ass.

    J you said the same thing i was thinking in these comments. All these huge numbers on all her social media (even though we know these celebs buy followers) and those are the sales… The writings are on the wall Nicki, the album is a pass.

    Her sales may have been more popping if she went to war with the girl she see in the mirror everyday instead of the people on twitter she swears she’s above. Ain’t nobody else to blame but herself. And her twitter word vomit reeked of insecurity and bitterness, so embarrassingly unprofessional. Man, someone on lipstick alley asked why she typing like Donald Trump and I hollered!

  4. I thought she dropped the ball the moment she named the album “Queen”. Its like she wanted to prove something smh. ‘Onika’ would have sufficed. Just like Beyonce did the “Beyonce” album when that visual album broke the internet. Nothing extra or fancy.

    Its sad to see this because I was rooting for Nicki, but unlike some of her high-schooler fans I can see where she is doing too much and I’m not afraid to speak on it. She needs to stop listening to those twitter barbz because taking advice from them is like placing a 5 year old in the driver’s seat of a moving vehicle. They will drive her off a cliff if she carries on at this route.

    Also, 185k is not bad at all in today’s climate, I think she’s just upset because Cardi had a bigger first week sale than she did. And it reeks of insecurity. She is too seasoned to be behaving like this.

    Also I’m going to need Nicki to understand that in this industry you need people by your side. She is burning all these bridges as if she is this untouchable deity. Coming at spotify, apple. her record label. other musicians, media outlets etc. all at once will not end well. If Michael Jackson could be smeared and taken down by the media then she sure can too. You are not that powerful sis. The media have no sympathy for black people, especially women.

    Beyonce’s album with Jay only sold 124k first week and they flopped gracefully in peace. They carried on touring and collected their coins. They didn’t go on twitter/instagram calling out billboard, streaming services, other artists, celebrities and their babies etc. Sis even compared her rants to Harriet Tubman. When in reality she’s just upset because she wasn’t number one.

    Those internet barbz are all gangsta boo online but are MIA when it comes to emptying their pockets to support Nicki. How do you have 90 million followers and not even 250k of them couldn’t support your album? Something isn’t clicking here.

    I think she’s ruined her public perception in terms of the general public. She still has her core audience but she’s left a bad taste in many peoples mouths.

  5. She’s probably more upset that someone like Cardi B actually did that, despite not writing her own music and much more. I been knew along along she was in trouble when that Cardi B girl showed up.

    Also, the attention span of the generations is fleeting, so much so that they have created Internet Challenges.

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