when a wolf of legacy loves his mama (more?)

males are generally closer to their mothers.
vixens are usually closer to their fathers.
i can attest because i was closer to my mother.
it seems john david washington,
denzel and pauletta washington‘s cub,
is closer to his mother as well.
so much so,
he interrupted a reporter of “today” to speak so highly of her…

my foxy senses is picking up on something.
allegedly fonting,
but i feel like…

John David doesn’t really fuck with his dad

every time i see an interview with him,
i get this vibe there is some bad blood.
you can tell by how his vibe shifts.
i’ve heard some wild stories about denzel in the gossip branches.
by the alleged stories i’ve heard,
i can see why he’d be closer to his mother.

(love those frames pauletta)
it could be nothing tho.
he could be just a mama’s boy like most of us.

lowkey: he sounds so much like denzel.
you can literally hear denzel’s voice when john david speaks/acts.
the legacy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “when a wolf of legacy loves his mama (more?)”

  1. Love John. One of the FEW celebrity kids that are grounded and thanks to his parents. The Press of course being the sharks they are wanted the viewers to forget he had a mother and so he rightly interjected and corrected that asshole.

    LOVE HIM. I hope this is the break through he deserves.

  2. He loves his momma. Definitely a momma’ boy. He said his MOM taught him to love. What does that tell you? Lol
    He sounds like his dad definitely, but he looks more like his mother.
    Funny thing is, I think that dude from the Star Wars movies looks like a young Denzel.

  3. …is it just me…or did he ‘girl out’ a little bit when he was talking about his mother? I saw something then that i had not seen any other time of the interview..#justsayin

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