when a wolf of legacy loves his mama (more?)

males are generally closer to their mothers.
vixens are usually closer to their fathers.
i can attest because i was closer to my mother.
it seems john david washington,
denzel and pauletta washington‘s cub,
is closer to his mother as well.
so much so,
he interrupted a reporter of “today” to speak so highly of her…
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Is Michael B Jordan The Next Denzel Washington?

i can see it for michael b jordan.
he is trying to become a leading black wolf in hollywood.
a vix-bi sent me a really good article from the “new york times” between acting legend,
denzel washington,
and up and coming legend,
michael b jordan.
the title of the article was “passing the torch”,
the “new york times” claims mbj is being compared as a “young denzel”.
so she wanted to read my thoughts on it.
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Caught Up In “Fences”

if you aren’t careful,
you will repeat the cycle.
some of us are repeating a cycle.
we are hurting others because we are hurt.
been hurt.
we expect everyone to do what we would do.
i can admit that i’ve have done it with my friends at one point.
that is not how life works.
we are all free to make mistakes and grow.
what may work for you may not work for them.
i learned that tonight watching “fences”

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Do I Really Need To Get Into Ballers?

tumblr_nok936pDo71rz7ke7o1_500…the show silly.
i was going to check out the rock’s show “ballers” tonight.
all i know about it is:

a) it has my favorite word in the title
b) the rock shows his tail to the world
c) the cub of denzel washington is in it

and he looks like this
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Denzel Washington Is Aging and We May Have To Accept It

tumblr_mxejoe9jl31shy1kno1_500remember “training day” denzel?
well that was then and the following is happening.

seasoned daddy wolf,
denzel washington,
is aging.
i mean he is 60 now so its part of the process.
does he have to look every inch of it in this new picture?
this is denzel from the “floyd vs manny” fight last night…
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