Is Michael B Jordan The Next Denzel Washington?

i can see it for michael b jordan.
he is trying to become a leading black wolf in hollywood.
a vix-bi sent me a really good article from the “new york times” between acting legend,
denzel washington,
and up and coming legend,
michael b jordan.
the title of the article was “passing the torch”,
the “new york times” claims mbj is being compared as a “young denzel”.
so she wanted to read my thoughts on it.

i don’t think so.

first off…
why are we dead set on replacing our legends?
i don’t see white folks saying someone is the next robert de niro,
brad pitt,
or leonardo dicaprio.
we always gotta be replacing someone in our community.
it’s really annoying.
once you say someone is the “new someone”,
the pressure is on and they often fail miserably.

you know i like michael b jordan,
and i love to see him (and that bawdy) on screen,
but he has a long way to go before he reaches denzel status.
denzel became “malcolm x”.
i mean…

nuff said.
shiiiit he made me weep in “john q” in the damn movies.
i was looking like a damn fool up in there.

doesn’t denzel have a cub to “pass the torch” too?
one who acts?

he does…

john david washington.
he’s a pretty solid actor,
but he doesn’t have a solid resume as mbj.

from the interview,
i respect micheal’s hustle.
he is trying to make moves out here.

you can’t fault him for wanting to b great,
but he will be the next “micheal b jordan for me.
he has his own lane.
sterling k brown and chadwick boseman are bigger threats for him.
i could be wrong tho.
so i had to ask the foxhole…

Is Michael B Jordan in the running to be the next Denzel?


lowkey: you can tell denzel has no fucks to give from that article.

uncle d don’t play.
am i the only one who thinks denzel was just okay?
black vixens think he is fine af,
but he always just a handsome older wolf to me…

picture cc: andrew white/new york times

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Is Michael B Jordan The Next Denzel Washington?”

  1. Yes, everything you wrote was so right. Especially when you wrote about the next Denzel. They don’t do it with the whites, but they do it with black entertainers. Example: people always comparing Beyoncé to Michael or Janet. Let all them be great because they are, you don’t see people comparing or saying Britney Spears is the next Madonna or Britney is better than her.

  2. mjb will never be the next denzel,he’s a decent actor when he’s given a good script ( fruitville,creed,blk panther) besides that he’s cringe worthy in other movies(that awkward moment,black out,fantastic four lol I know that movie was crap but a very good actor can still get praises from their perfomances in a shitty movie!!!),a good actor elevates a script and shine bright with an excellent script( chadwick,sterling,viola,taraji,denzel etc) mjb do not! i could put him on the will smith alley ( blockbusters,leadin man but not much of a great actor and it took will smith years to become respected as an actor) but micheal lacks the charisma and the likablity of a will smith, and he said some questionable stuff towards blk women in this time and age( social media etc) they (the stars)are very scrutinize… all of this is to say i like his hustle and i like to see a brother succeed but he ain’t the next denzel !

    ps:im with you on that too jamari,I never seen the sexiness of denzel,must be the charisma !

    1. ^most major stars need to keep their opinions off social media.
      like keep social media as a few pics and updates.
      trevante rhodes is handling his social media presence well.

  3. He’s good….but i wouldn’t say all that. If anything he’s the “it” black guy right now.

  4. I agree with your point about us always making an up and comer the second coming of a legend, particularly when the legend is still alive and has children they are preparing or have already passed the torch on to.

    While MJB is good, I DO NOT think he even BEGINS to rank on Denzel’s level by any means, but he IS putting work. I’m super geeked about him being the lead in the HBO adaptation of Fahrenheit 451, being released on May 19. I teach high school English, and this is the year for classic books turned movie.

  5. I read this and rolled my eyes sooo hard. MBJ is a very wooden actor in my opinion. Even in Black Panther I cringed at how he delivered his lines.

  6. Jamari,

    You are not fixing to blame the black community for this one, the last time I checked Philip Galanes, is not black. You and a few others on the board stay trying to blame our community for stuff. The next time, please look up the writer, before blaming our community. The article is nothing but clickbait and MJB gone need to get in some more acting classes if he wants to be able to act in a diverse group of roles.

  7. i think a young denzel was damn fine
    he just has not aged as well

    as far as MBJ is concerned, he is a moderately good actor but he is in no way shape or form a Denzel. Denzel belongs in the upper echelons of the acting world
    He is considered one of the greatest and most charismatic actors of all time by all standards along with Daniel Day Lewis and Meryl Streep. MBJ is more of a Will Smith with the box office draw but he doesn’t have the acting chops.

    In my honest opinion Chadwick Boseman and a lot of the Black African actors from the UK like Chiwetel Ejiofor can act circles around him.

  8. Personally, I’m tired of looking at MBJ’s weird ass face. He looks like a damn goat or a lamb in the face. Additionally, he’s not a good actor. I blame casting directors for not hiring the vast array of Black men and women actors out there struggling to get notice. They seem to think we can only have one Black leading man at a time. 😒

  9. Nowhere near Denzel’s level. How many artists/actors have been labeled the “next Denzel” already?!
    He’s got to pick better roles, and step up his game. Can’t become complacent because there are too many better actors out there right now. Chadwick Bozemen for one.

    Side note: I think that John Boyega looks more like Denzel than Denzel’s son!
    His son looks more like the mom.

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