He Looked Like A Legit Copy, But His Fur Was From China Town

is it wrong to stop and listen to someone?
that might be my problem.
it’s sad that we live in a forest that being emphatic is wrong.
is it better to completely shut yourself down and become a robot?
so the pretty vixen sent me this:

…after a situation i had today…

there was a snow fox who came in for an interview last week.
he told me his sob story he needed to get a job like ASAP.
he was down to his last and had no money for rent or food.
he’s been on interview after interview with no calls back.

ya’ll know i could relate to that

so i listened and actually felt sorry for him.
sidebar: a foxholer reminded me that their “poor” is different than ours.
well he ended up getting the job,
but ever since he did,
he has switched the fuck up.
this same snow fox,
who was nearly in tears,
is suddenly acting brand new.
he will look straight at me and walk past my desk.

i had to realize that this is just how some folks are.
folks be fake af out here.
it’s all about character.
all they know how to do is be phony.
i had to wonder

When does being fake ever stop?

when cubs come in the picture?
successful career?

Are fakes doomed to a life of constantly climbing ladder after ladder and burning bridge after bridge?

i don’t want to live a life like that.
i like to listen and help because i’m use to genuine folks in my life.
i need to also realize not everyone is like me or the folks around me.

lowkey: the same foxholer sent this to me…

“No one can make it in the corporate world alone though.
Gotta have allies”

that speaks for every career as well.

6 thoughts on “He Looked Like A Legit Copy, But His Fur Was From China Town

  1. The foxholer who told you their poor is different than our poor is definitely right. I have some people on my job like the snow fox. They talk to me one day like weโ€™re best of friends, then the next day walk right past me like they donโ€™t know me. I love when they need something from me, and I tell them nope canโ€™t help you right now with that.

  2. Not to be anti-American, but welcome to America. I have finally accepted the fact that the majority of Americans are fake because we were taught at a young age to fake it until we make it. Plus we live in a heavy corporate society, we fake a smile and say hello, how are you? A lot of disingenuous.

    I also noticed every American always have a self-pity story that “no one else have” No offense to anyone but everyone goes through shit. It’s part of life.

    That white guy might be on top of the world for right now but he’s going to fuck it and repeat the pitiful story to someone else “I don’t have money for food or rent.” Rinse and repeat.

  3. Oh lawd…I can’t deal with the Aquamarine folks. They be the worse!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    I’m pretty empathetic. More so in person, but I won’t be a fool. Everyone’s struggle is different. It’s always good to keep an open ear for anyone’s cries and an open heart to their situation but don’t do it with your eyes closed. Keep them open too.

    Empathy is growing rare these days but it’s not absent. It’s definitely something across all spectrums where this fakness can appear. I call them Cameleons.

    Normally, if someone is being fake with me, I’ll kinda put them on blast on the spot. I’m pretty upfront.

    Some white people will help you out for blacks will. In fact I remember, a long time ago I was helped by a white woman and her husband. However, the black man got an attitude almost immediately. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. Jamari, don’t ever apologize for being a empathetic person. One should always do good deeds out of the kindness of his heart. If people want to use that to take advantage of you, you just got to fall back, wash your hands, and keep it moving. It just a lessened learned and you just have to look for the signs of people like that.

      1. That’s THEIR issue within themselves, man. You have a good heart and you will be recognized for it one day. These fake ass people, they will get theirs.
        I had a similar scenario like you. This woman came in looking for a job, sob story on HIGH VOLUME.

        We told her to apply for a job, and she ended up getting the job. But once she got that job…the TRUE personality came out.
        No longer talkative, didn’t acknowledge anyone. It was so funny that my co-workers picked up on it too.

        But my thing is this…what goes around, comes around. When you go through an experience like that, you should have some humility. Crocodile tears only go so far, and she is in for a reality check with the piranhas she’ll be working with. LOL

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