Emily B Wanted A Night Out From All The Stress (Fab Had Just The Place)

this is one of the reasons i stay out of dysfunctional couple’s relations.
some folks love that ryde or die/”slap upside their head” kind of shit.
so emily b,
her missing teeth,
and no regrets have allegedly connected back with
they were allegedly spotted at coachella over the weekend.
well via “the shade room”

“damn we been caught.
i thought we were lower than this…”

this is just foreplay for these kind of relations.
you know how it goes.
the victim is mad about the abuse,
but that feeling of loneliness and doom start to take over.
after the abuser blows up their phone,
the victim finally answers.
after some arguing,
they both decide to meet up face to face.

victim: “i want to talk because i don’t like how that went down”
abuser: “i’m going to fuck the dog shit out of them”

they end up having that rough make up sex.
the abuser fucks the victim like he hates them.
the victim thinks the sex is passionate because of love.
once balls are drained and orgasms are had,
they talk over their issues and get back together after cuddling.
when everyone says to the victim:

“yo you looking crazy in the forests…”

the victim responds:

“look ya’ll don’t understand…”

…and they move on to lovey dovey pics on social media.
next time some drama pops off,
it’s “rinse and repeat”

…unless someone gets killed.

now i thought after the alleged threats and missing teeth,
i thought emily would have had enough,
but clearly her low self worth didn’t allow it.
this isn’t the first or last for these two.
once violence comes into any relationship,
and you don’t leave the first time,
you legit opened up the gates of hell.
i just hope it’s worth it in the end.

lowkey: why do i feel like the pics of her missing teeth are coming?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Emily B Wanted A Night Out From All The Stress (Fab Had Just The Place)”

  1. If Fab doesn’t kill her, surely her father will. This man said he had a BULLET for him! I’m more irritated how fast she went back to him. Has it even been a month since the incident?

    Fab may play cool now but he’s gonna think back and unleash hell on her, just wait…

  2. Lets keep it real, if he was broke, she would have been left and the only thing that is keeping here is the lifestyle that she feels that she can not accomplish on her own.

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