This Whole Racism Thing Is Bullshit

she ruined THE FUCK out her face.
so i never cared for kim zolciak of rhoa fame.
from her actions alone,
she always gave off “racist” to me.
i was even more baffled when folks had capes on because she was “dragging” kenya.
i know some don’t care for kenya,
but to cheer on a blatant racist gave “coon-erific’ vibrations to me.
well kim was at the season 10 reunion and so was her ignorance.
this is what she had to say in regards to her views about racism…

cc: the real housewives of atlanta/ig

“this whole racism thing in this day and age is bullshit.
like every one of those muthafuckers on that couch OWE THE WORLD an apology.
they tried to claim that shit long ago,
sheree as you know.
no one really buys into it because of social media wasn’t there,
and racism wasn’t all that real…” – kim zolciak,
 sunday april 22nd, 2018.


i wanted her to say more since she was on a roll.
andy said that they were allegedly in there for 40 minutes.
i’m sure the word vomit kept hurling.

lowkey: sheree.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “This Whole Racism Thing Is Bullshit”

  1. She’s done. Lol

    I keep telling black people that just because you kick it with these white people and they know all the words to Jay-Z, Kendrick, and J. Cole does NOT mean they don’t still hold on to those good old American, white privilege views.

  2. Everything you guys wrote is true. I was so done with Kim, and I was smiling from ear to ear when Nene, Kenya, Kandi, and Cynthia was lighting her up. I just couldn’t believe what I was watching with Sheree in the bathroom with Kim. I’m officially done with Sheree and she use to be my favorite. The whole season Sheree let Kim say very disgusting things about the other ladies on the show, and laugh about it, but Sheree goes and keeps mess between the other ladies. That was not a good look for Sheree at all, and she paid the price, her ass got fired and she deserved. I wonder how Sheree going to pay for that hugh Chateau with no income? Oh and another question since Sheree is up Kims ass, did Kim ever have Sheree on her show making cameos?

  3. Even though I have not watched this show in years, I have been seeing Blog post and Twitter post about it. Ironically I read a very good article on white women and their tears this weekend on Twitter and Kim describe everything they said in that article to a T. I try and avoid white women at all cost because most are the spawn of Satan and they hide behind their men smiling and all the time being racist, mean and vindictive and like Kim so convincingly did, want to play the victim when they are called out on their shit. Both her and her husband always appeared racist to me and I never cared for her especially when she had her Black slave “Sweetie” being her housekeeper and confidant. Still want let Andy off the hook, he is probably the worse racist of all because he knew Kim aint shit but let her continue for years, typical white people behavior. If any of these women had any self respect, they would all quit this Minstrel show in unison. The clips I’ve seen about this reunion are embarrassing that these old geriatric bitches are acting like ratchet hood rats for a check. Just throw the whole thing away.

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