I’m Upset ( I’ma Always Take The Money Over Sex )

…there is a contradiction in that lyric.
^that is drake’s album cover for his “scorpion”.

the waves>>>
i remember when i had waves like that.
good times.
drake released a new video for “i’m upset”.
he got his old co stars from “degrassi” to join in.
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This Whole Racism Thing Is Bullshit

she ruined THE FUCK out her face.
so i never cared for kim zolciak of rhoa fame.
from her actions alone,
she always gave off “racist” to me.
i was even more baffled when folks had capes on because she was “dragging” kenya.
i know some don’t care for kenya,
but to cheer on a blatant racist gave “coon-erific’ vibrations to me.
well kim was at the season 10 reunion and so was her ignorance.
this is what she had to say in regards to her views about racism…
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This Is What Happens When You Xscape A Fuck Boi

for someone like tiny,
you go back to doing what you love.
i’m so happy to see the vixens of xscape back together again.
they will be performing at the essence festival this summer,
but you can see a preview of what to expect
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The Immortal Lies of Phaedra Parks?

i love when things come full circle.
from the time phaedra parks hit “rhoa”,
i never cared for her.
shit hit the fan at this season 9 reunion
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The “RHOA” Reunion Brings Tears and Temper Tantrums

i can see why everyone tunes into reality tv.
it either:

a) reminds you of your life
b) reminds you why you don’t have drama in your own life

i am the latter,
even though i’ve had some minor drama in my own.
nothing compares to the shit on these shows.
well i started this season of rhoa just at the tail end.
it’s still a mess from how i left it,
but the 4 part reunion is coming upon us.
this is a preview of what’s to come…
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Love-Hip-Hop-Hollywood-Posterso it has arrived.
the #lhhhollywood reunion with our west coat ratchets.
i will admit that i didn’t watch the whole thing until recently.
i felt it was the most ratchet of them.
either way here is a sneak peak a scene between hazel e and moschino
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