I’m Upset ( I’ma Always Take The Money Over Sex )

…there is a contradiction in that lyric.
^that is drake’s album cover for his “scorpion”.

the waves>>>
i remember when i had waves like that.
good times.
drake released a new video for “i’m upset”.
he got his old co stars from “degrassi” to join in.

i love that pandering to the sistas after his alleged whit baby mama.
papi has come a long way,
hasn’t he?

the best glo up i dun ever seen.

i have to admit that i never watched “degrassi”.
so i definitely feel left out watching the video,
but the vibe they all have seems cool.
the song is eh,
but i really enjoyed the video.
can we talk about this wolf that was in the video tho?

his name is aj saudin and was on drake’s season of “degrassi”.
it looks like he had quite the glo up too:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “I’m Upset ( I’ma Always Take The Money Over Sex )”

  1. LMAO…whenever I see Drake, THAT is how I see him. That nerdy character from Degrassi…not this fake “hard” guy he tries to come across as.

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