When A Celebrity Calls To Stop You From Quitting

if something isn’t worth much,
it’s often very replaceable.
jobs or relationships,
when we lose our value then we are out the door.
that is how i feel at this job right now.
they put me in a position behind someone who brought a lot in their role.
i don’t like the job enough to try to be that person,
but they are sneakily having me to do 100% of those duties.
more compensation not included.
one of my good friends shared a story with me that cheered me up.
i had to share it with the foxhole…

so her sister was working at a company for a celebrity.
a pretty big name we all know.
she has been working at the celebrity’s company for close to 10 years.
she started small and worked her way up.
she didn’t know wtf she was doing,
but she liked the company so she was willing to learn.
well 10 years later,
she is irreplaceable with the skills she acquired.
she is pretty much in control and oversees everything.
in being there for so long,
she has started to become tired of it and wanted something more exciting.
another company wanted her and she was about to move on.
do you the celebrity called her personally?

“what do i have to do to make you stay?
you name it and i’ll do it.”

the celebrity asked her this question during her hesitation:

“are you leaving here because you are doing the same thing?
or are you going to do something better?”

she replied it was pretty much the same position.

“if you leave,
i want you to go and do something better.
whatever it is,
i’ll call them and be your reference,
but always leave if you’re going into a better role.”

because she is such a valuable asset,
the celebrity bumped her salary and all her requests.

she decided to stay.
that story inspired me tremendously.
i don’t want to stay at my job and become an asset there.
they don’t treat folks good and there is really no moving upward.
i do want to continue investing all my time and energy into the foxhole.
i wanted this job to be my last before i became a full time blogger.
this is my goal and ima continue to stick to it.
i may not have a big time celebrity in my corner yet,
but i have many that consider me to be of value in their daily lives.
i will deal with that job until i have to make my exit.

lowkey: i would love a celebrity connect.
that is one of the best references you can ever get.

2 thoughts on “When A Celebrity Calls To Stop You From Quitting

  1. You never know who’s watching or who you’re entertaining. Any one of us could be “someone”.

    I’ve said this before but I met an old woman who always said be at your best at all times when you are in the eyes of the public. You never know who is actually interviewing you discreetly.

    Don’t give up on you dreams and remember the most important thing of all is that you put forth effort.

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