When A Celebrity Calls To Stop You From Quitting

if something isn’t worth much,
it’s often very replaceable.
jobs or relationships,
when we lose our value then we are out the door.
that is how i feel at this job right now.
they put me in a position behind someone who brought a lot in their role.
i don’t like the job enough to try to be that person,
but they are sneakily having me to do 100% of those duties.
more compensation not included.
one of my good friends shared a story with me that cheered me up.
i had to share it with the foxhole…

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I’m Not Suckin’ Your Pipe Until You Tell Me I’m Worth Something To You Muthafucka

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvahpROFPhA]

(lil kim murdered that verse.)

 i often wondered if men are supposed to have standards?
i always hear that we are always supposed to be DTF.
we meet someone online/in the club and spread it the same night.
anything else is how vixens are supposed to be treated.
they are the ones who need to be pampered.
they are the ones who get the vip life.
this is why all the vixens who are hoes get the husband,
while the gay guy who is a hoe gets HIV.
as a fox who clearly loves himself,
am i suddenly supposed to turn that off to meet a wolf?
am i suppose to be easy to get something that is hard?
looking online and all around,
i see what happens to people who forget their value.
on the flip of a coin,
i also see what it is like to hold your value and be alone.
i started to wonder…

Are men in this lifestyle supposed to be valuable?

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Are You The… Rainbow Fuckin’ Kind?

Would you date him:

Chris “Fine As Hell” Evans.
I sure would.
I sure to HELL would.

What about him?

Paul Walker just does things to me.

The Snow Wolves.
A place that we never thought of looking at,
but should we?
Should we, as Foxes, take a break from the chocolate and take a bite into the vanilla?
Is it selling out? Or is it just tired of the bullshit?
Are we just tired of all the requirements to successfully find ourselves in a solid relationship?
One with a man that we are attracted to and will treat us the way we want?
One who ain’t:

On Drugs
Selling Drugs
or Just Messy?

I had to wonder…

Are you willing to play in the snow?

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You Are Only Worth A Patty and Coco Bread With Cheese… So Bend Over.

Check this scenario.

You meet this Wolf here:


So check his portfolio:
He works at Home Depot, 25 years old, social weed head, and still lives with his mama.

Anyway, he already thinks you are worth something.
You haven’t even opened your mouth yet, but he already assumes you are at a higher value than him.
He is secretly attracted to you because of that.
You don’t realize this and only go on your feelings of loneliness and wanting to get fucked.
You cut to the chase and you let him lay some serious pipe on you.
You let him do this again, and again, and again because this is how you started it all.

Now your only worth fucking and he has slowly lost interest.

Do you give it up to the lowest bidder?

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