You Are Only Worth A Patty and Coco Bread With Cheese… So Bend Over.

Check this scenario.

You meet this Wolf here:


So check his portfolio:
He works at Home Depot, 25 years old, social weed head, and still lives with his mama.

Anyway, he already thinks you are worth something.
You haven’t even opened your mouth yet, but he already assumes you are at a higher value than him.
He is secretly attracted to you because of that.
You don’t realize this and only go on your feelings of loneliness and wanting to get fucked.
You cut to the chase and you let him lay some serious pipe on you.
You let him do this again, and again, and again because this is how you started it all.

Now your only worth fucking and he has slowly lost interest.

Do you give it up to the lowest bidder?

Seriously, do you know your worth and what is worth it?
Are you the type to let any Wolf hit,
or do you negotiate and let him put more chips in until he gets it all?
Shit you really should even put a price tag on who eats the box, to be honest.
Here is how I realized my own worth with a Wolf who wasn’t worth my time.

For my last stint for online dating,
I met this Snow Wolf who was somewhat interested in me.
He was a man’s man who rode a motorcycle and liked to get his hands dirty.
In my eyes, he may have been worth something because he was my type.
He was a man’s man in every sense of the word.
He liked sports and loved climbing large things on Earth.
I wanted to climb him myself, but he had two things that brought his stock all the way down:

1) He was in an open marriage.
2) He had two kids.

He told me that “I can have anything I want from him, but to marry him“.
So, that means he would be coming over to my spot, fucking me stupid, giving me some money, and going back home.
Doesn’t seem like I would benefit from our merger…
… and also sounds like I’ll be an in-house whore.
Not only that but every time I tried to meet with him, he would be traveling that exact weekend.
I nearly accepted the offer because I was lonely, until I realized I would be fucking to nowhere.
Not to mention that he was beating a whole bunch of cakes throughout the city.
So, the worth on his penis had really declined because I would be in an agreement with every Fox in that town.

As good as it sounded, I declined the week we were “suppose” to meet.

After that, I realized that my worth is much more than that.
I like to think that I am better than every Fox around me.
I took a personal audit of my strengths and weaknesses and I am worth a lot more than I give myself credit for.
My job, this site, my body, my face, and other strengths.
I am now in another tax bracket for relationships.
But, so many of my Foxes out here do not realize their own worth and where they stand.

Baller Wolves, Blue Collar Wolves, and “Aint Shit” Wolves we meet on a daily basis.
We accept things for free because we think that is what will keep the Wolf.
He accepts the offer because we don’t bother to raise the stakes.
Unfortunately, those cakes he is beating should have a price on it.
Only because when the value goes down, he will remove his options and try something new.
So, ultimately, we should start realizing that the Foxhole actually is worth something than nothing.

Got it?

So when it comes to the question of your value in this lifestyle…

How much do you think are you worth?

Part 2 of “How to Calculate Your Fox Value” coming soon.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “You Are Only Worth A Patty and Coco Bread With Cheese… So Bend Over.”

  1. I applaud both of these men for being upfront and honest about what they wanted. And I wouldn’t hate on anyone who accepted those terms they laid out. At the end of the day, it about what YOU want.

  2. This is a good topic and I feel two ways about it..1. I keep a price on my shit, and not necessarily money, but you’re gonna spend some time, wine and dine,some good conversation, and I need to know that mentally and emotionally that you’re stable and I have that connection with you that makes me feel as if I’m willing and ready to give you my body. But on the other hand, 2. A few times year my thoughts get real mannish and I just wanna fuck, you dont need no job, no money, no conversation, just have some good dick, and a mouth filled with profanity and I’m in! So I’m saying there always a price, and my goods will never be loose lolly, but sometimes the kid just needs his back broke!

    1. ^You still know your value because it is on your TERMS.
      People who don’t know their value fuck just for fucks sake.
      Knowning your value,
      you know who to fuck, who not to fuck, and you look 5 years down the “fucking” line.

  3. I know that Jay isn’t going to like my post much because he wants us to hold value to ourselves. I agree I really do, so that’s why in this situation I would have gone through with it, and made him pay $500 a session and made absolutely sure I was using protection every time, no slip ups and made him get tested together, before we even made it to the first session. Jay I know I’m worth more than that but I think after a couple sessions and I make about 3 to 5k from this douche bag he will wanna marry me so at least it could be free sorta. ROTFL

    I hate when dude do this, and make shit about the material. Us foxes are not always that damn vain. We want more for ourselves, than just dick and cash.

    1. ^But you know your value because you see
      he is an asshole and he better pay for what he is worth.

      I didn’t want to do it because he wasn’t making that much time for me.
      He and his slow text messaging was bugging me.
      Plus, every time I would want to see him,
      this muthafucka is packing to go run a marathon, go on a vaca, or some excuse.

      He gave me a schedule of when he would be back and that shit said 2 months.
      WE COOL.
      Now if he was leaving me some money to keep me warm,
      go right ahead and do you adventurer.

  4. This is interesting, but here’s a twist. Sometimes us wolves don’t know our self worth either. Some of us struggle to find out who we are. They’re wolves out there that will settle with anyone just because they feel that they can’t get anyone better. I feel that everyone has a high value of self-worth if they take the time to look at themseves and realize it.

    S/N: That dude up at the top is handosme. I know he’s a wolf, but I don’t think it’s nothin wrong with a wolf on wolf lovin every now and then. 🙂

  5. I recognize my self worth. There are days when it wanes and i compare myself to others which i know i shouldn’t. Am i as cute? As fit? As put together? Things of that nature.

    When it comes to wolves i know what I will and will not put up with. Plenty of lazy one’s in the past whom ive given chances because i figured it might get better down the line. But i soon realized if you aren’t giving me the sort of attention im looking for out the gate, its not really going to get to that point somewhere down the line. We like to think that it does though. Once he sees how great we are and what we have to offer that hes going to step his game up. But that hasn’t been the case for me at least.”Raising the stakes” doesn’t necessarily raise his interests despite what books and television will have us believe. The Man makes a good point that I have to keep reminding myself of however. Most wolves barely know themselves and are still trying to figure all of that out. They choose these less-than-stellar mates because they’re easy not because they’re of value.

    But the question becomes is what Im asking for… asking for too much?

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