what would an evolved you with no trauma or hurt be like right now?

my therapist asked me something yesterday that i’m still thinking about.
it’s interesting how a simple mind trick could possibly change your life.
so during our session,
she posed this question to me…

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please go “home”

“everything you did brought you where you are now.
home.”bran stark to theon greyjoy,
game of thrones

that quote really stuck with me since last night’s episode.
i’ve been thinking about it all day.
for those who know theon’s arc on “game of thrones”,
you know what he got humbled in order to come “home”.
i remember reading a book called “the alchemist” a few years ago…

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There New “You” Is Better Than The Old “You”

imagine you’re working in your career.
you could be doing it now.
king kong don’t have nothing on you.
you been doing it like 10-15 years now.
even better since you’re black.
you know they don’t like “us” to shine out here.
they are trying to replace you with someone else.
it starts slow,
but then it gets more blatant.
the slander starts that you ain’t good at what you do at all.

“anyone could do what they do.
that’s nothing.”

folks you thought was down with you are picking a new team.
“the new you”.
  don’t act like you wouldn’t feel some kind of way

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