There New “You” Is Better Than The Old “You”

imagine you’re working in your career.
you could be doing it now.
king kong don’t have nothing on you.
you been doing it like 10-15 years now.
even better since you’re black.
you know they don’t like “us” to shine out here.
they are trying to replace you with someone else.
it starts slow,
but then it gets more blatant.
the slander starts that you ain’t good at what you do at all.

“anyone could do what they do.
that’s nothing.”

folks you thought was down with you are picking a new team.
“the new you”.
  don’t act like you wouldn’t feel some kind of way

this is what i think when i watch this “nicki vs kim” slander.
folks want to discredit kim for all she has done in her career.
it’s interesting to me because if it was them,
they’d have a natural born fit.
listen i work in corporate america.
that is the breeding ground for constant turn over for new “talent”.
i know it too well because i was.
when this one snow bunny came in to train at a past job,
for a position that we all thought we were secured in,
all the black folks i was working with were shook.
she had an excellent resume and they loved to praise her for it.
if someone needs to “replace” me,
as i’ve been many times in my past,
then i learned to stop fighting and let them.
i’m not gonna fight to be “the chosen one”.
like my last job,
they replaced me and that whole job self destructed.
they still can’t get it together and have been asking how i’ve been.
the audacity.
“i’m good.”
that being fonted…

We need to stop disrespecting our OGs

the ones who originated and paved the way.
they may not be doing it now,
but we can’t take away what they’ve done.
shittttt everyone is the new “michael jackson”.
justin bieber
justin timberlake
…but none of them yet can’t give us a “thriller”.
some new vixen is the new “beyonce”,
but can’t keep up with her insane work ethic.
it’s nuts to me.
if that’s the case,
we need to be okay when our fathers drop our mothers for a “new copy”.
she fell off.
she reached her peak years ago.
it’s time for him to get a new bimbo to secure the bag.
so we need to stop doing that.
especially “us”.
we’re black.
we know the “crab in the barrel” mentality pretty well.
the same mentality “others” have used to pit us against each other.

lowkey: i think nicki is talented,
but it seems everything is coming full circle with her.
i think she is experiencing her own karma.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “There New “You” Is Better Than The Old “You””

  1. I think being replaced sucks, and everyone naturally seems to jump on the bandwagon of what’s new. It’s important for OGs to stand in what they know to be true; no one can finesse it like you. You are unique and that uniqueness it’s what’s marketable and attractive.

  2. “We need to stop disrespecting our OGs”

    This goes both ways, I have noticed that some people feel that you should bow down to the OGs/ elders and allow them to disrespect you. The key word is “OG” and “elders,” they have been in our shoes and instead of feeling that someone should bow down to him or her and allow that individual to disrespect you, is unacceptable. I hear it all the time, when the older generation feel as though they can talk to the younger generation in a disrespectful manner. but they forget they are older and suppose to be “wiser,” but many times they are not. The same way someone wants to be respected, they have to give that respect back. Too many people enjoy having a one way street, but not a two way. The OGs/elders could instead of beefing or complaining, be the adult that he or she is and reach out to the younger generation and educate him or her. If he or she is not ready to receive that guidance/information. You will know that you have tried and could possibly plant a send in that person to be better and you will be acting as a mature adult.

    “the ones who originated and paved the way.”

    We have to keep in mind, if that person wasn’t born or given a chance, someone else would have likely influenced our culture the say way or better.

    The Beyonce or Michael Jackson question??

    We have to remember the time they came out and the environment music was in during that period. Why do you think, Beyonce has influence, but she does not have an album that has sold anywhere near Whitney, Mariah, or some of the other female artists highest selling album(s). It is the time period that she came out, if she was around during Mariah and Whitney peak, if our society would be interested in her at that period, she would be able to hit their numbers.

    Also, This Nicki, Cardi, and Kim beef is old and tired. People fail to realize that Nicki use to act in school similar to 2 pac and is more intelligent that people give her credit for. Oh, I am gone say this and be done about this topic, let’s be real, Nicki is The Queen of Rap, she has sold MORE than any other female rap artist during a period of time people are not buying albums, but STEALING, she is a better lyricist as well.

    1. Actually Lauryn, Missy, and Kim have all sold more albums than Nicki. Only Nicki’s first album sold Platinum. The second one shipped platinum and her third streamed it.

      1. Actually it is Nicki, I am counting worldwide sales and she has sold over 70 million and possibly more. Also, don’t do Nicki, she has multiple albums that have went platinum, and to be exact one that has went 3x platinum and a few that went 2x platinum. Go to RIAA to verify.

        All of these women have strengths in their own rights and have accomplished a lot. My previous comment may have come off the wrong way, but I did want to highlight her accomplishments for someone that is hated for lack of evidence to support peoples claims.

  3. @Jamari… you’ve change the format of your site again. Cool. Now if you dont find a chat format it. lmfao!

  4. First off love the new look. Second u said all that needed to be said. Anyone is in essence replaceable. And yes Nick I is getting her karma and I say dis as a fan all the way back to her MySpace days. I love Kim, grew up on her music. So I was disappointed as he’ll when they whole beef started I wanted (and still do) a Lil Kim/Nicki collab. But wats done is done. And the tables always turn.

  5. I don’t look at it at being replaced more so as someone’s time coming to and end. Nobody stays at the top forever (Except for a few Exceptions) that’s why it’s important when it’s your time to do all you can and take every opportunity that’s comes your way while they are coming your way. There is going to come a day where Beyonce, Riri, Nicki, Jay, Kayne, and etc music won’t be in style and someone new will take their spots, there’s just life is.

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