Bombs Over Syria

so as i was writing some goodies for the foxhole,
my phone started blowing up like crazy.
not even a wolf trying to secure the box for tonight.
it was all about that orange jackal in the white house.
he gave orders to bomb syria



everyone is talking like it’s the end of the world.
i love how this was done on a friday too.
half of america is at coachella,
others are out enjoying the nice weather,
and the rest of us are trying to pre game for tomorrow.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Bombs Over Syria”

  1. Well, I am worried. This is not something that should be taken lightly. This was a really bad move on his part. There is no need for the ones that voted for him to be worried though, they wanted him in there so bad, now they have to deal with the consequences. Save the tears.

    1. Agreed. But sadly, they still follow him blindly. It’s amazing how many people he has turned to his way of thinking. He has them no longer trusting the media, he’s REALLY emboldened the racists in this country, and he still has people thinking he’s this great leader.

      This man is a fraud to the highest degree. He’s a fraud as a “business leader”, husband, father, and leader of this country. I can’t call him President, because he is not befitting of the title. In the short time that he’s been in office, he has destroyed the credibility of the role of President of the United States. He thinks we are feared, little does he know that we are a laughing stock around the world, based on his actions and words.

      I’m not surprised that Republicans rally around him for the sake of appearing as a unified party, but this is the same man that massacred them all publicly by ridiculing them, when running for office. 2020 cannot get here fast enough.

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