Bombs Over Syria

so as i was writing some goodies for the foxhole,
my phone started blowing up like crazy.
not even a wolf trying to secure the box for tonight.
it was all about that orange jackal in the white house.
he gave orders to bomb syria
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It’s The Most Wonderful Terrorist Attack of The Year! (Fa La La La La Laaaaa La La)


that was all that was going through my mind this morning.
right after my home-wolf texted me with…

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He Beat My Cootie Cat To The White Meat (He Isn’t On The DL)

r3everyone wants to know who is on “the dl”.
you know that always makes for exciting convo.
i find:

a) the dl and their triflin’ ways
b) the dl celebs/baller wolves and their triflin’ ways
c) the dl of being broke as hell and its triflin’ ways

well “c” not so much,
but the first two are always a great start to a debate
(or a wolf/fox/hyrbid hunt).
i was having an exciting convo with a home-vixen of mine today.
she was telling me her thoughts on the dl animals and well…
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f0xmail: “Dirty Rotten Scandals” Starring The Dicktator

i just got an email about this industry wolf jackal here:

577732_346751455394300_2048256935_nthey wanted to stay anonymous.
i couldn’t add too many details.

i won’t lie.
it was pretty damn juicy

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Dear G-Spot, My Bomb Pussy Needs A Permanent Dick.

I use to be scared of the dick.
Now I throws lips to the shit.
Handles it like a real bitch….

Yet, Lil Kim is alone… and a face full of crazy.
She has a wall so high up that a nigga needs a hurdle to get over it.
Trina has boasted that she is the baddest bitch,
but there is yet to be a ring on that finger.
She was sending crying pictures to Kenyon Martin after he dropped her ass.
That doesn’t sound like the “baddest bitch” to me.
Evelyn Lozada probably has some great Spanish twat,
but it left her engaged for 9 years to Antoine Walker and putting up with bullshit from Ochocino.
She politely told him on national TV that if he wants to fuck some other bitch,
she will buy the condoms.
She also told him that she needs to “like the girl” if they decide to menage.
Excuse me, say what now??!?
… and these are just Vixens!
Don’t even get me started on the gay side of the fence.
Because realistically, we are all a hot ass mess on this side of town.

Every muthafucka thinks their shit is official.
I sometimes have to roll my eyes when I see/hear/smell that bullshit.
We listen to these rap divas and real life bitches and take on their sexual persona.
On social media and even real life,
everyone is bragging they have the tightest walls or the official throat.
But, if all it took was some bomb dome or good Foxtail to “keep a Wolf in the house“…
why is you alone in the crib doing Kegals?
Or, you sitting on a chat site all damn day  going through men like jock straps in the NFL?
Just stop it….

You could have some nice plump lips from “Casa De La SupaHead“,
or even the fattest ripest ass that would put Buffy the Body to shame,
but my question is…

Why are you still single?

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