He Beat My Cootie Cat To The White Meat (He Isn’t On The DL)

r3everyone wants to know who is on “the dl”.
you know that always makes for exciting convo.
i find:

a) the dl and their triflin’ ways
b) the dl celebs/baller wolves and their triflin’ ways
c) the dl of being broke as hell and its triflin’ ways

well “c” not so much,
but the first two are always a great start to a debate
(or a wolf/fox/hyrbid hunt).
i was having an exciting convo with a home-vixen of mine today.
she was telling me her thoughts on the dl animals and well…

“if he isn’t fuckin’ his chick like he use to,
and she already had her suspicions,
then thats how you can tell a man is on the dl.
men who like pussy will fuck your brains out from your pussy.
men who like men fuck women as if its a chore.
they don’t get fully hard and try to avoid sex with women.
a man who fucks a man in the ass can’t feel the same about pussy.
aint no way.”

…was she right?
that logic has some flaws tho.
i had to ask myself afterwards:

Can someone on “the dl” still smash a pussy good,
even if he secretly loves foxholes as well?

i mean there is the whole “bisexual” thing people forget exist.
i always thought if a wolf was on the dl tho,
he would be more focused on “us”.
like when a straight wolf is cheating on his vixen.
he might stop fuckin’ her as much since he has new pussy on the side.
i know everyone is different.
some keep up appearances a lot better than others.

of course i had to ask some foxholers in emails.
i wanted some quick feedback since i wasn’t able to draft up an entry.
i got some great responses.
one read:

“Of course there are many DL men who enjoy Herero sex. I know many married men with children. I’m sure there are some who struggle to get it up for women, as your friend says. But there are far many more who have no trouble at all”

that does make sense.
shortly after,
another one in more detail came in:

“There are men out there that can fuck anything and perform very well. Men, women, fleshlight, it doesn’t matter to some.

Some only get oral sex from men on the side because their wives don’t do it as well, if at all. They have no problems with intercourse.

Your friend needs to go to a sex party and then follow some of these DL men home where they’ll fuck their wives and girlfriend in the ass hours after they penetrated a dude.

The thing is, even gay dudes only catch the DL men that are slipping on their game. DL men are even more underground these days and they are not on jackd and if by chance they are its not with pictures and they’re not on for long. They mess with other DL men with shit to lose. Frat conventions, sports events and homecomings at hbcus are when they congregate.

Some men truly do love vaginas. Now I’m not completely sure a man that likes to ride dick truly enjoys sex with women. I mean it’s possible for a DL bottom or vers to enjoy sex with women, but that’s a rare kind of freak. It is completely possible for a top to enjoy both sex with women and men and be good at it. Hence why all these dudes got multiple kids lol I feel like bottoms or guys who enjoy being penetrated and dominated is kind of a like the birth canal once you go through there’s no turning back lol

It’s possible though. Just very rare. The bottoms I’ve encountered that are married are straight up whores though. Like will get a cheap motel room when they tell their wives they’re at work and will let multiple dudes fuck them all day. They’re insatiable”

that last paragraph was actually scary.
it makes me wonder about those gang bang videos on xtube.

“one ass; 27 dicks.
who wins?”

i’m sure thats some “fuck shit” all in its own.
there is truly no way of finding out if someone is on the dl.
well unless they are outed by some jackal.
other than that,
no bomb dick will reveal anything than how much times your pussy came.
“the dl” know that trick already.
you know that usually keeps the vixens in check.

lowkey:  i’ve posted “straight” wolves who got revealed to be either on:


…that even had me like type shocked.
i’m still trying to bag tho:


19 thoughts on “He Beat My Cootie Cat To The White Meat (He Isn’t On The DL)

  1. I attend a HBCU. Clearly I’m doing something wrong. Lmao. School starts in a few weeks though, I’ll be on the prowl.

  2. I am a “vixen” as you say and I have never commented before, but my story seems relevant. I dated a guy in high school for two years and we waited about a year to have sex, which I thought was my idea, but now I’m not so sure. Anyways when I say I could not pry this boy off of me sometimes I really mean it. Even without p-in-v he was always touching me and kissing me and doing things like that, and he was practically obsessed with my boobs more so than any guy I’ve been with. There were odd things like he didn’t like me touching him as much as him touching me. I was inexperienced though so I let it slide. We only had sex once we break up right after that (I ended it) and lose touch. Fast forward to now. I was casually browsing a popular porn site in the gay section (don’t judge me) when I come a cross a homemade video thumbnail with a guy that looks remarkably like my ex. I’m intrigued so I click the video thinking it could be hot to watch a guy that looks like my ex have sex with a guy. I’m watching the video and getting into it when his face comes on camera and lo and behold, it is indeed my ex. Bottoming and loving it! I couldn’t believe my eyes at first and then I realized that what had seemed odd was probably just him trying to play straight.

    Tl;dr: bisexual guys exist, but if they are dl, there are signs and some women either can’t recognize them or choose to ignore them.

    1. Girl I know you wanted to die! Yeah a lot of these guys are actively playing for both teams and it is a shock initially but what can ya do? its scary its like Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde and they hide it so well and that’s what gives me a headache lol! So I stopped trying to figure it out because it will keep you paranoid.

  3. Sadly most of these women dont have a clue even when it’s sleeping right beside her every night. I will have to stand up and tell the truth, I have had my share of married DL dudes since I first got in this game, sometimes its a one night thing, other times it has been a few years kicking it. And as time goes on, I find out that it is true, you never really know who gets down until they standing in your bedroom butt ass naked. If you find a married dude on one of these Gay Apps, you better run like hell because he is messy and sloppy, most DL married dudes are usually going to get at you in the streets like barbershop, grocery store, mall etc. I am laughing at the HBCU homecoming reference, damn if that is not the truth, its so damn obvious especially at a HBCU Kappa or Que homecoming party, just wait to be followed into the restroom, Oops Im talking too much LoL. Also have heard about the frat conventions as well, off the chain, about one in every 3 Kappas get down, and about one in every 5 Que’s LoL. Most college educated Black men who get down like other masculine dudes to kick it with, they are so paranoid, so they will not take any chances on kicking it with less than masculine foxes for fear of being outted or found out about.

    Men are sexual creatures and once it starts feeling good, so many men will not care who is giving the pleasure, hence why we see all these creatures on Xtube pulling the finest DL dudes. So trying to figure out who’s who is a moot point.

    1. Lmao I love you man.

      1 in 3 Kappas seems crazy accurate.

      Howard’s homecoming is definitely on my hit list lol

  4. Jamari, being a DL dude myself I can tell you that the latter is true. I only mess with dudes who have just as much to lose as I do. Apps aren’t an option. But the Alpha convention was last week in Charlotte and many things transpired between the brothers that would make you sweat just hearing it. If it’s hyper-masculine men you’re looking for, these are the events to attend. The Nupe conclave is coming up. Good luck.

      1. Ha-ha! In my hometown no surprise there lol! New Orleans is DL central and trade Alley btw just be careful cause them niggas is grimy and real greasy!

    1. I volunteer as tribute!!!


      I told you J! Lol

      Benefits of knowing and smashing many DL frat dudes in the past lol

  5. I agree with the foxholer in the email from my experience any kind of slow, bi curious, or straight dude that tops can pretty much fuck anything with no issue. Shit I have been with wolves who didn’t consider messing around with another man a problem as long as they could top, anything close to being a bottom was out the question.

  6. I’m constanly surprised at how women think just because they have a pussy a man won’t become bored with them…I always laugh at that notion because women game is just pussy men’s game is everything else.

    So what makes a women think that a man won’t pack up his everything else and move on to the next chick easily…

  7. To be honest jamari all this makes my head hurts lol! I’m so done with the topic it ain’t even funny. And besides the down low is just that the down low that’s the point they don’t want you to know. So women just need to let it go and focus on the straight men that want them cause believe it or not straight men are the majority still so there’s no way to accurately measure who is who and what’s what. And also I think some of this sexual behavior falls under pan-sexuality more than anything.

      1. Yeah pansexuality look it up,its just as old as homosexuality and bi-sexuality its basically a person who is a equal opportunity lover lol! He or she can date Male or female, gay,trans,intersexed,gender queer, drag queen etc as along as they find you attractive or have a connection with you.

  8. Yea, women have the whole DL phenomenon wrong. The first rule of thumb, do not put it past anyone. Any man is susceptible to engaging in the lifestyle . Even as a youngin, I have come across a lot of dudes who creep on the low between both sexes quite often. I have been touched many times lol Mane!!! I’m discreet, but damn when I tell you the dudes who I never thought……they be the ones lol. SMH. Women have no idea just how wrong they are about their thoughts.

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