15 thoughts on “He Had Me At “Drool”

      1. He added me on Facebook a couple of years ago…..I’m like who is this, I think he’s married. Fine as fuck, I didn’t know that Island made them like that. Its like every time they show that place everybody running around with leaves wrap around they ass, swinging from trees and shit.

  1. @Truth…Both New Guinea & New Zealand have some good looking guys coming outta their respective countries! I think there are some pics of him (Ryan) modeling in a fashion show, in tightie-whities. LOL

    1. Overall, Polynesians are good-looking with beautiful bodies, but one thing I heard from my friend is the smell. He didn’t say they exactly stick, but the smell is really different.

  2. Not to be too terribly racist about it. But, in my experience, Polynesians tend to be Brazilian in the body but Japanese in the pants. Just saying…

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