Did You Snag A Dominican Wolf Today?

tumblr_nsugmwDQhF1qbjqn3o1_540today was the 2015 dominican parade.
all the sexy dominican wolves were looking for prey down in the city.
all the black wolves also made it down there as well.
i’m sure to find the latest in “spanish hoe”.

i stayed my ass uptown.
i don’t really “do” parades in the city.
one thing i learned about parades is:

a) they shootin!
b) straight wolves can get wild

plud everyone that i know gave me the ol:


tumblr_m5v70iKuTZ1qaf90uo9_r1_250…and i damn sure wasn’t going down there alone.
so i was pretty good on that.
if i did go…
would a fox meet a sexy dominican to ride for the rest for the summer?
or do these kind of events only bring out the straightest of wolves?
i’m pretty sure i would have seen:

…but i mean,
could he be really missed?

lowkey: borrell is the “star” and we will all pretty much bask in his spotlight.

18 thoughts on “Did You Snag A Dominican Wolf Today?

  1. Speaking of Dominican wolves. I figure out who the boyfriend or the DL gay term “my best friend” of this Dominican wolf who’s really a fox that you once called chubby.

      1. Maybeeee……. or maybe not. But I will say his bf isn’t that cute as he used to be because now he’s super beefy which I like, of course, but the face doesn’t sit well with it.

  2. Did Borrell march in the parade?! I eman let’s be real here…he ain’t THAT f’in famous! LOL

  3. Ummm I could care less about him…but…. Wheres Maravilla? Thats Thumper aka bae lmao

    1. Lmfao I was thinking the same damn thing!
      Thumper is amazing. My God I miss him. *deep sigh*
      I sorta cringe when I see Borrell’s public persona now.
      Just extra for the purpose of being extra.
      (Please don’t come for me y’all, just my opinion).

  4. He loves the spotlight doesn’t he? Lol

    Maybe someone in the foxhole went and can spill some tea on some of the sexy Dominican wolves there.

    1. He sure does. His thirstbucketness to be seen kills me. He aight. (Not a hater, cause his body’s banging, but modesty goes a LONGG fucking way…)

    2. There are some fine ass kats in attendance at this parade and the Puerto Rican parade. You have all the eye candy you need. But the DL dudes are in straight up pussy mode on these occasions. Don’t even think about f’in with them. They’re with their boys, so they are straight for that time period. LOL
      But you gotta be careful with those parades, for real. They bring out the straights, gays, and downright thugs! They go down there looking for trouble. It was about three years ago, some friends and I went, and this group of guys followed us the entire time. I kept wondering why they were following us, but I told my friends we need to get out of there. We managed to lose them and high tailed it to Penn Station! LOL
      Come to find out on the way home…one of my boys was seen hitting on the girl of one of the dudes in the group that was following us.

      1. Oh lord, they followed you? Nah, I’m not about that life! I’d go home and never leave if that happened to me LOL!
        See, this is why I can’t with any parade. I used to go to one for Caribbeans in Toronto, but its kind of crazy nowadays. People always looking for trouble and getting shot and stuff. It’s just wild. I don’t do wild. I like tame and controlled lol.

        It can never be about the appreciation of the culture without some bs, I swear LOL!

        P.S. Borrell and Maravilla are fine as hell but they have no substance (not that I expected any. LOL). Oh well! I am peeping that arch though Borrell! I’ll just peep from afar with those two though.

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