Did You Snag A Dominican Wolf Today?

tumblr_nsugmwDQhF1qbjqn3o1_540today was the 2015 dominican parade.
all the sexy dominican wolves were looking for prey down in the city.
all the black wolves also made it down there as well.
i’m sure to find the latest in “spanish hoe”.
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I’m In The Mood To Swallow Something Smooth For Dinner


i wanted something nice to drink with dinner.
nothing too hard.
so i put on my clothes to head to the likka sto.
as i’m walking i spot this fine ass wolf talkin’ to some vixen.
all in my grill.
eye fuckin me rea slow.
i return the favor.
he was spanish.
brown sugar.
long hair.
kinda tall.
she was… cute.
wasn’t me tho.
i stood next to them to cross the street.
he is sneakin’ looks as she was all over him.
pissed because i wanted to get that number,
but i knew it wasn’t happening.
i get to the likka sto’ and i dunno what to get.
mixed with a little v.s.o.p?
i decided on…

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