throw yo dollas at your phone screen for maravilla

maravilla is back.
maybe he has always been back.
on ig:

So much meat; so little time

he has always been a veteran foxhole fav and then he vanished.
as you know,
many sex workers and strippers are out of “work” due to the rona.
they are doing what they can via ig live,
the place where it all goes down these days.
maravilla decided do grace two vixens ig lives with this ig strip show…

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Maravilla Has A Dominican Arch and Dimples On His Bunz

i love tail dimples.
that’s when you know you have some nice bunz.
is maravilla advertising these days?
i mean,
it seems more than regular?
well i guess when you have bills to pay



so i booked maravilla for my special christmas “meat” posting.
he decided to do a little dance for ya to start your day off right…
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Maravilla Really Works That Cream In Him

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 10.58.00 PMmaravilla is nice ‘n’ wet in this shot,
just like how some of us like em.
in the following video,
he is nice ‘n’ thick like how i like em…
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Maravilla Assaults A Throw Pillow

marvilla1you read right.
the foxhole dominican attentionisto fav,
assaults a throw pillow.
he uploaded the video to his instagram of the evidence.
what you may see is graphic,
but i warn you….
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Maravilla Has A Flick On The Way

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 11.59.32 AMwell foxhole fav,
has a flick coming out.
yes foxhole,
a star is about to be born!
he posted a behind the scenes clip on his ig…
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