Maravilla Has A Dominican Arch and Dimples On His Bunz

i love tail dimples.
that’s when you know you have some nice bunz.
is maravilla advertising these days?
i mean,
it seems more than regular?
well i guess when you have bills to pay

14 thoughts on “Maravilla Has A Dominican Arch and Dimples On His Bunz

  1. Somebody get Pierre in here lol. Isn’t Marvilla allegedly “jack rabbit” or something 😬😝

    I will have Marvilla walking funny for the rest of his life. 🍑🌽

    1. You are a damn foo, in the best possible way, @Swaggonauto. I think the codewords Jamari came up with were Bambi (Borrell) and Thumper (Maravilla) lol.

  2. I’m actually kind of bored with him now. I can only watch but so many videos of him doing the same body rolls

  3. ps: where is the Borrell/Maravilla reveal post that broke the foxhole? I’m trying to acquaint myself with the hot topics of the site.

  4. Someone, somewhere got the tea on this guy. I just know it.
    Sidenote: a Dominican friend admitted to me that all Dominican guys fuck around. They have to be comfortable with each other/friends though. They won’t just go cruising or on jackd.

      1. That’s beyond what I was told. Possibly, but because the community is so tight they feel more comfortable with each other. They’re a very sexual people. But this is what I was told. I can’t really speak to that.

        Also, apparently the poster “Pierre” is legendary on this site and has some tea??? Let me see if I can find the post where cups were filled.

    1. Lol at @Nunya. Jamari Fox knows of me, and even did an interview, which is how the tea was spilled. 😉

  5. The bills have to be paid in full, so ass is on the menu.

    Make that money girl, dont let it make you. *In my Lisa Raye voice*

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