Maravilla Has A Dominican Arch and Dimples On His Bunz

i love tail dimples.
that’s when you know you have some nice bunz.
is maravilla advertising these days?
i mean,
it seems more than regular?
well i guess when you have bills to pay

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Maravilla Has A Dominican Arch and Dimples On His Bunz”

  1. The bills have to be paid in full, so ass is on the menu.

    Make that money girl, dont let it make you. *In my Lisa Raye voice*

  2. Someone, somewhere got the tea on this guy. I just know it.
    Sidenote: a Dominican friend admitted to me that all Dominican guys fuck around. They have to be comfortable with each other/friends though. They won’t just go cruising or on jackd.

      1. That’s beyond what I was told. Possibly, but because the community is so tight they feel more comfortable with each other. They’re a very sexual people. But this is what I was told. I can’t really speak to that.

        Also, apparently the poster “Pierre” is legendary on this site and has some tea??? Let me see if I can find the post where cups were filled.

    1. Lol at @Nunya. Jamari Fox knows of me, and even did an interview, which is how the tea was spilled. 😉

  3. ps: where is the Borrell/Maravilla reveal post that broke the foxhole? I’m trying to acquaint myself with the hot topics of the site.

  4. I’m actually kind of bored with him now. I can only watch but so many videos of him doing the same body rolls

  5. Somebody get Pierre in here lol. Isn’t Marvilla allegedly “jack rabbit” or something 😬😝

    I will have Marvilla walking funny for the rest of his life. 🍑🌽

    1. You are a damn foo, in the best possible way, @Swaggonauto. I think the codewords Jamari came up with were Bambi (Borrell) and Thumper (Maravilla) lol.

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