UPDATE: Blessings Came Down To A Fellow Foxhole Vet!

i’ve learned that the rain has to fall in order for flowers to grow.
it’s simply your season to be rained on and washed out.
it’s only after the rain has passed that you see the blessings in your life.
well malcolm,
a fellow foxhole vet,
has been through some rain and wanted to update us.
i ( x wrote an entry ) asking you to pray for him.
well check out what has happened to him since…


Hey its Malcolm. I’ve been following your blog for some time now and i just say that I respect you so much and the way upon which you utilize your platform. We’ve journeyed through heartbreak, pain, joy and accomplishments with you. I’m ecstatic as to what 2017 will bring. Losing my grandmother and my DREAM job all within the same time was devastating but I’m moving on. I met a cute guy named Chris he’s 40 yrs old contractor and he’s a sweetheart but we’re just friends. Hes my chocolate oldhead that i talk about sometimes. We met online shortly after my Grandmom died, he comes by twice a week to check in with me. i was trying to hold out on sex but he’s 6’4 and he runs regularly so he has a nice lean, toned  physique and he’s passionate so he got the drawers quick i got to keep it 100 on that one lmao BUT it’s his personality that really makes me ‘see’ him in a sense, his personality made my clothes drop faster.. He’s been an encouraging spirit throughout this time. I’ve gotten back into writing and my poetry again, did i mention before that i sing. But thank you for your encouraging words. Good news as of  today i found thru my Recruiter out my new job starts in January with a company called MedRisk right outside of Philly. I’m excited and it’s a stable schedule unlike when i worked in Dialysis at the hospital where my days were 8:30– 9p or 5- 5 at times. I just had to share, going into 2017 is bittersweet without Grandmom but i feel she’s here and I have to keep pushing. I’m FINALLY learning to LOVE me in every aspect. Continue being great and remember KINGS SIT HIGH so don’t even worry about at the naysayers at your feet. i love you guys


Blessings FOXHOLE
i love it!
i love hearing good news like this!
not only does it raise my vibration,
but it inspires all of us who are also going through it.
there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
you gotta just keep going.
no matter how long that shit takes.
i’m wishing you nothing but even more blessings for 2017!

jamari fox

11 thoughts on “UPDATE: Blessings Came Down To A Fellow Foxhole Vet!

  1. It’s so good to hear good news. As crazy as 2016 has been, we all welcome new and exciting things! Congrats bro, may God continue to light your path, give you wisdom, and walk with you!

  2. Congratulation, jobs creation are so needed in 2017. Lord knows I need a high gross paying job for my creative field and I hope the flood of tech jobs in the southeast region will bridge the gap on the cost of living.

  3. Yay!! This is good news, meaning you’re bringing in the new year on a good note. So glad to hear this.

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