foxhole: a rejection is a redirection (say it again and again)

what i thought was a storm ended up not being one?
there was a point last year that i didn’t want to write anymore.
there was times i’d take 2 or 3 days from updating the foxhole.
i was tired,
stressed out,
filled with anxiety,
and falling victim to the mixed signals of other males.
i wanna font about redirection today.
we might go kicking and screaming out of our comfort zones,
but it’s often times a blessing you don’t see yet.
let’s go back to janurary of this year…

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um, the pinterest foxhole showed tf out!

so i love pinterest.
it is one of my favorite next to twitter and ig.
pinterest has allowed me to find outfit inspo,
as well as created vision boards that allowed some things to come to pass.
these days,
i’m not on it as much,
but when i say the pinterest foxhole comes tf through!!!!
i was floored when i saw this…
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The Universe may have blessings around the corner for us

i love reading stuff about the powers that is The Universe.
i’m more spiritual over being religious these days.
don’t get me wrong,
i’ll still go to church,
but i don’t get obsessed about God like others do.
i feel like being religious doesn’t allow you to make mistakes.
i’m an imperfect fox and i fuck up a majority of the time.
i don’t want to run to the altar for everything i do.
the “new age” foxhole always keeps me update with the latest universal news.
well a foxholer sent me the following…

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blameitonkway gets a major blessing

so i think blameitonkway is absolutely amazing.
as you know,
he plays a character named “titi” that has a huge following.
his videos are funny,
they are always edited well,
and the wolves he features are usually fine af.
he always has the best attentionistos in his videos.
so he is a major fan of tyler perry and asked his followers to do this:

well he asked and God came through with the goods.
this is the message he got from tyler…
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UPDATE: Blessings Came Down To A Fellow Foxhole Vet!

i’ve learned that the rain has to fall in order for flowers to grow.
it’s simply your season to be rained on and washed out.
it’s only after the rain has passed that you see the blessings in your life.
well malcolm,
a fellow foxhole vet,
has been through some rain and wanted to update us.
i ( x wrote an entry ) asking you to pray for him.
well check out what has happened to him since…
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A Blessing Should Be On The Way (Optimism?)

77c4cd0648ced29229fac3e25a9b13d7last week was stress.

where is the straight jacket?
so much went down that i felt i was about to lose my shit.

the craziness that is my job
some shit that went down with work wolf
not being able to start my therapy

i literally felt myself falling off my mountain.
a mountain that i worked so hard recently to climb back up.
in a nut shell…
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