blameitonkway gets a major blessing

so i think blameitonkway is absolutely amazing.
as you know,
he plays a character named “titi” that has a huge following.
his videos are funny,
they are always edited well,
and the wolves he features are usually fine af.
he always has the best attentionistos in his videos.
so he is a major fan of tyler perry and asked his followers to do this:

well he asked and God came through with the goods.
this is the message he got from tyler…

isn’t that a serious earth shattering blessing?????

i’m so happy for him because he has earned it.
he is a viral sensation in these forests.
i’m praying for more blessings sent his way.

watching kway’s blessing,
i had to wonder

I wonder if others see my own platform like the rest?

i mean,
i know the foxhole sees me in hd and i’m always appreciative.
that is a blessing in all in it’s own.
i hope one day i can get a phone call from one of my idols.
we all want to be seen and appreciated from those above us.
as we pave our paths in life,
it feels good to know someone huge is a fan of your work.
like when the ceo at your job comes and tells you:

“I been watching you and i’m impressed.
What’s your name?”

that would make you feel lit af.
one day,
i’ll be able to share my blessings like kway for the foxhole.
we gonna keep on going until then!

lowkey: like,
can you imagine hearing that tyler perry knows who you are??

i would have dropped to the floor.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “blameitonkway gets a major blessing”

  1. them two together would be funny on a tv show couldnt picture a movie though, but apparently tyler is very generous, he and my cousin are speaking as well and he gave her his number too lol

  2. So happy for Kway. Him and LaLa are hilarious. Especially Lala I see big things in her future. I believe she is a star. Jamari I do believe the industry reads your blog.

  3. I dont find him funny AT ALL. He is a one trick pony and honestly this Titi shit is beyond tired. Closeted black men living out their transexual fantasies by putting on wigs and acting like ghetto black girls is mockery and disrespectful. Not only is it played out, its a minstrel show and just further marginalizes black woman and girls. With all his followers and attention, you would have thought he’d branch out and explore other characters but he’s clearly not talented enough. He’s basically a drag queen who got lucky.


      They are two black men who’s only claim to fame is dressing up as stereotypes of the black woman. It’s disgusting and tired. Congrats to him, but this cross-dressing and the dramatics aren’t what’s up. It’s not funny. At all.

  4. Lol he has never been funny… I don’t see whats funny about putting on a green wig and acting like a stereotypical hood black women with a nasally voice.. Thats literally all he does.. I never saw the notoriety between him and Joanne The Scammer (Branden as many of us know him).

    Kway’s video editing is really good though thanks to his videographer & Im happy for his success as a black man.

    Lala is more funnier to me but sometimes I think she overdoes it too. But she is less of a one trick pony like he is.

  5. @caz I literally have nothing against dude, I just don’t understand how he’s gained such a mass following. There is nothing creative about his act and anybody can do it.

    The whole “guy in a wig” shtick has been driven to the ground on social media. Jay Versace used to be notorious for it too. But this is all Kway does, granted he makes a lot of money from it so I guess he’s not going to fix it if it isn’t broken. I just never saw the hype thats all

    Funny enough a huge portion of his following are black women. However there are that selected demographic of black women who don’t see the humour and find his whole act offensive. And rightfully so.

  6. LOL I wish him all the success he can handle but as a few others have stated, I personally don’t find his brand that funny.

    Now let me be clear, I had the debate with myself about Black Men simply putting on wigs and acting ghetto but my funny bone won that debate lol. So for me this isn’t about the ethics of Black men emulating Black women, but some of these guys aren’t funny. Joeanne the Scammer was mentioned (not funny!)… however, “Some” of these guys who act like ghetto black women are funny af and I must admit to that. Kway has over 3 million followers so apparently he has an audience for his brand of comedy (it just isn’t for me). And lets not forget how Tyler Perry is almost worth a billion dollars. Madea made Tyler a millionaire. And Honorable Mention goes to Martin Lawrence’s Sheneneh 🙂

    One of my personal favorites is @Tim_Bae
    His skits are organic and this dude is ghetto lol omg

    – sidenote, the majority of these guys on Instagram who wear wigs for laughs have more followers than the Instagram Six Pack models. Apparently there is something irresistibly funny about that brand lf comedy.

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