sam smith wants you to call him “peaches” when ya’ll get real nasty

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so i like sam smith.
his first album had me deep in my feels.
the second album helped me get through even more.
i heal when i listen to sad songs.
well sam smith now wants to be like “beyonce”.
well not in the literal sense,
but he posted the following picture with the lyrics to b’s song,


ya know,
all my years of being a gay male,
i’ve never wanted to dress up as a vixen.
i was envious of some the males they bagged
and even that is up for debate nowadays,
but never wanted the aesthetic.
for some gays tho,
dressing in drag is a secret fetish.
when i was my most “uncomfortable” phase,
that’s what i thought too.
it didn’t help all the gay males my parents talked about crossed dressed.
in my young age,
i assumed that’s what being gay was all about.
it’s interesting how we are all different in this life,
yet put into the same box.
straight folks,
because most are ignorant,
will see a picture like sam and think that’s how we all get down.
i’m starting to think this is how most of them get fooled.

8 thoughts on “sam smith wants you to call him “peaches” when ya’ll get real nasty

  1. Listen I absolutely plan to do drag at some point. A friend of mine told me about some big drag block party thing they do at his PWI (predominantly white institution) and asked if I’d do it with him. I figured why the hell not.

    Its certainly not everybody’s cup of tea but I’m down and am not concerned about the impressions of the straights. I’m gonna look like Wesley Snipes on To Wong Foo tho. A got damn mess lmaoooo

  2. His boyfriend is the BRANDON FLYNN — the popular high school football player character in “13 Reasons Why”.

    1. Lasy week multiple media sources say he broke up with his boyfriend after dating for 9 months.I wonder if this picture is related to him being newly single, it may be unrelated.

  3. lol, go Sam! I like Sam, especially his song ‘Make It To Me’. Does he have a bf?

  4. I won’t judge him for this & I enjoy a good fuck song like partition or something but agreed, I find it annoying folks will assume that’s all we do.

    Like i enjoy drag race and drag queens are cool, some of them, but that’s not the life for me nor is that the every gay has to or is into doing this.

      1. I’ve had straight people assume a lot on me and its like nah that’s not what i do so yeah.

        My mom when i came out officially jumped straight to “just don’t become a woman/dress in drag.” I came out in my mid to late twenties trust me I had no plans on doing drag. Lol

      2. I had a cousin that used to dress up in drag. Of course he was on that stuff too, so that may have been one of his reasons. He was always gay, but once got heavy into drugs, I’d heard he started dressing up in drag. Did not believe it until I passed him coming out of a store one night. He had on a wig, pumps and miniskirt. Fucked my head up! I had to go get my brother and let him see as well. Lol

        I will not lie, it bothers me to see men dressed as women, but I’ve seen some that put actual women to shame. Hell, back in the 90s Rupaul put Cindy Crawford to shame one night on MTV…even Cindy had to acknowledge the fact that Rupaul looked better than some of the women attending the show. I was like damn, that’s crazy!

        But hey, to each his own.

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