i still like their song, “stay with me”

so sam smith is “they” now.
don’t call him “he” or even “she“.
they doesn’t go by that any longer.

They has changed them pronouns

this is what they had to font on their instagram

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sam smith lets his inner “hot girl” out for the summer

sam smith certainly is different now from his debut.
how ironic i was scrolling on twitter this morning and came across this video:

i haven’t been keeping up with sam as of late,
but compared to his past songs,
i hated this one.
last songs i heard from him was “pray” and “baby, you make me crazy“.
i’m way behind.
my music has gotten real ratchet as of late.
i mean he can’t always sing about heartbreak and emotional destruction.
well he posted this on his ig and well…
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sam smith wants you to call him “peaches” when ya’ll get real nasty

sidebar: happy 4th foxhole

so i like sam smith.
his first album had me deep in my feels.
the second album helped me get through even more.
i heal when i listen to sad songs.
well sam smith now wants to be like “beyonce”.
well not in the literal sense,
but he posted the following picture with the lyrics to b’s song,
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I Gave My Heart To A Gaddamn Fool…

it’s lyrics like that
i expect that in my r&b.
i’m so tired of “trendy and trap”.
the r&b music i want to hear came from someone white.
sam smith and this “the thrill of it all” record…
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Sam Smith Gets His “National Non-Negro Wake Up Call”

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 7.49.50 PM

“everybody wants to be a pineapple,
but nobody wants to be a pineapple.” – paul mooney, the chappelle show

if you visited the ( x fox-tionary ),
you know a “pineapple” means the “n” word round dese parts.
can i say this without being rude?
okay i’m going to try my hardest.

i love when the snow animals experience the “black” struggle

its all cute when they twerking flapjacks and rapping off beat…
snow animals tend to live in a bubble.
it might be ignorance or simply just being naive,
but when they get a dose of what it’s like to be “us”,
i’m always amused at their response.
 sam smith saw his black friend have a racist encounter.
he vented with a series of tweets + an instagram message
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Sam Smith Remakes Whitney and Amy For Us

tumblr_m2ixjymIcA1r7r8e0o1_1280one of my favorite songs from the late whitney houston is “how will i know”.
that song is on the soundtrack to my life.
  honorable mention: “just the lonely talking”.
well sam smith,
another artist i love,
re-released his emo-inspiring album,
“in the lonely hour”.
he decided to title it,
“in the lonely hour: drowning sorrows edition”.
definitely what i need as i play “call of duty” this weekend.
well he attempted a remake of “how will i know” and well…
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