sam smith lets his inner “hot girl” out for the summer

sam smith certainly is different now from his debut.
how ironic i was scrolling on twitter this morning and came across this video:

i haven’t been keeping up with sam as of late,
but compared to his past songs,
i hated this one.
last songs i heard from him was “pray” and “baby, you make me crazy“.
i’m way behind.
my music has gotten real ratchet as of late.
i mean he can’t always sing about heartbreak and emotional destruction.
well he posted this on his ig and well…

fat sam” would never?
is it me or…

Is this “new Sam Smith” kinda forced?

it feels extra or something.

this might be who he’s always been tho.
he lost the weight and felt free enough to let it loose.
i guess we can’t be mad at his new-found confidence
i’m sure someone is fuckin’ him.
if it works,
it works.

lowkey: megan thee stallion is getting promo left and right.
i’ll allow it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “sam smith lets his inner “hot girl” out for the summer”

  1. I credit Billy Porter for showing him the way. Like you said in your article, maybe he has always felt this way… BP gave his the go ahead to say “fuck em… I’m gonna be me”

  2. Love the bravery but I’ll pass on him because as Brown skin men we would get ridiculed for doing it better!

  3. Sam is not my cup of tea, but I commend him for being himself without caring what other people think because people have definitely been giving their opinions. Recently, he caused a stir because he did an interview and he referred himself as a “vivacious woman” and people thought he really meant his “inner black woman.”

  4. Am I off or can we be honest but didn’t Todrick Hall do a better job with his similar video Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels. I mean if you are going to do it then you need to go all out.

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