apparently, chace crawford fills out his role well in “the boys”

i always thought “nate” was cute on “gossip girl“.
he was played by chace crawford.
i haven’t really seen chace since “gossip girl” ended.
he’s on a show called “the boys” on amazon prime video.
in a 2020 promo calendar sent out by “amazon”,
it seems chace is blessed in more ways than one via “the daily mail“…

excuse me??!!?!?
this is the picture for february:

*adds “the boys* to my watch list*

some of these pics look really interesting:


Is this show a comedy or something?

pictures cc: amazon | the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “apparently, chace crawford fills out his role well in “the boys””

  1. Yeah, kinda… but I think it’s of the “dark” variety… I’ve heard it’s pretty good, but wild/different.

  2. It’s not real. If you watch the show and his character it’ll make sense. The show has comedic moments but it’s more of a dark take on, and deconstruction of superheroes and the media.

    1. Every single characters uniform is overly padded.. Butt pads, crotch and muscles. It’s all very obvious in the show. Since Chace takes his pants off twice you can see the real ass is NOTHING like the pictures above. The dick print is also a tongue in cheek joke.

      The show is looking at “what happens if the heroes were without accountability and generally negligent/ decide they were better than us.” Kinda like an “Injustice: Gods among us” but not at that level yet.

      It’s entertaining. I just wish the show had better cinematography and a much bigger budget. A much bigger budget… It looks real cheap some points, but its entertaining.

  3. It’s based off the Comic Book series of the same name. Unfortunately the Amazon Prime series doesn’t even come close to the raunchiness of the comic book. If it did, let just say it would be rated XXXXXXXXXXXXX. I’m waiting for Season 2. Can’t wait to see what they are going to do with “Herogasm”. No spoilers but in the comic book Herogasm makes the AVN awards look like a kindergarten play..

      1. Not sure if they still have it over at Mid Town Comics. I think it might by out of press. But if you can find the series (it’s about 10 graphic books in total) it is definitely worth the read.

        Preacher is another one. The TV series is good. But the comic books….. I don’t think there is a word to describe it. Just be prepared for your jaw to drop…

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