i must have watched “mr and mrs smith” like 1,000 times.
this movie never fails to make me horny af.
it’s like the sexual tension in this movie slaps you in the face.
the sexual tension oozes out the screen,
puts flour on its hand,
and slaps you upside your head.
brad pitt and angelina jolie did that as you know from after the movie…

you know their sex was intense.
needless to font,
that is one of my favorite movies.
since hollywood seems to be out of ideas,
they are turning “mr and mrs smith” into a series on amazon.
the stars of this reboot?…

amazon’s “them” nearly made me lose my entire mind tonight!!!!

i’ve watched some shit on tv and in movies that had my mind blown.
there were scenes that have disturbed my spirit,
but i watched a disney movie afterward to calm myself down.
i’ve been hearing folks talk about a show on amazon prime titled “them“.
i did peep the trailer a week before it came out and was excited to watch.


it gave me heavy “lovecraft country” vibes.
this show has been the talk of the social media forests,
either great reviews or terrible ones.
the foxholers warned me about this show when i asked about it on my ig stories.

“It’s black torture porn.”

and this comes with spoilers

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apparently, chace crawford fills out his role well in “the boys”

i always thought “nate” was cute on “gossip girl“.
he was played by chace crawford.
i haven’t really seen chace since “gossip girl” ended.
he’s on a show called “the boys” on amazon prime video.
in a 2020 promo calendar sent out by “amazon”,
it seems chace is blessed in more ways than one via “the daily mail“…
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i didn’t give you permission to look at me while i’m naked

i try not to be one of those conspiracy nuts.
you know the types.
the government is out to get them so they hate technology.
they’ll get a flip phone if they have to.
sooner or later,
they’ve moved to some cabin up in the mountains to stay “off the grid”.
if big brother wants to find you,
they’ll find you.
back in the day,
i was out with pose and her cousin was talking about laptop cameras.
she said she puts a bandage over her camera.
people can hack into your laptop and access your camera.
they’ll watch you while you’re naked,
pretending you’re a pop star in your bedroom,
jackin off,
or even having sex.
it sorta scared me a little.
the subject of hacked cameras came up again within another conversation.
so i went to amazon and got to ordering.
the product just came today

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I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (82)

i believe in taking a dump before you leave the crib.
you never know when that familiar tingle of butt destruction will happen.
you can’t clench your butt cheeks tight enough for that.
when you gotta go; you gotta go.
well this amazon hyena allegedly had the runs while on a run.
i guess she couldn’t hold it anymore because via ny daily news
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