i didn’t give you permission to look at me while i’m naked

i try not to be one of those conspiracy nuts.
you know the types.
the government is out to get them so they hate technology.
they’ll get a flip phone if they have to.
sooner or later,
they’ve moved to some cabin up in the mountains to stay “off the grid”.
if big brother wants to find you,
they’ll find you.
back in the day,
i was out with pose and her cousin was talking about laptop cameras.
she said she puts a bandage over her camera.
people can hack into your laptop and access your camera.
they’ll watch you while you’re naked,
pretending you’re a pop star in your bedroom,
jackin off,
or even having sex.
it sorta scared me a little.
the subject of hacked cameras came up again within another conversation.
so i went to amazon and got to ordering.
the product just came today

(*i put a picture of it on my ig stories)
it was relatively easy to apply.
i made sure to clean my screen with alcohol first so it could stick.
my favorite part is it comes with a slider.
there was one on the camera of that last temp gig i was at,
but it didn’t come with a slider option.
i don’t have to worry about taking it off and then putting it back on,
which might mess up with adhesive in the back.
i’ll put a link below for anyone interested in the ones i bought:

lowkey: if you don’t have an amazon prime,
you are missing out.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “i didn’t give you permission to look at me while i’m naked

  1. Oh wow, thanx for this…now I can replace this ripped piece of the sticky portion of a Post-It Note on mine now that keeps fallin’ off.

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