i didn’t give you permission to look at me while i’m naked

i try not to be one of those conspiracy nuts.
you know the types.
the government is out to get them so they hate technology.
they’ll get a flip phone if they have to.
sooner or later,
they’ve moved to some cabin up in the mountains to stay “off the grid”.
if big brother wants to find you,
they’ll find you.
back in the day,
i was out with pose and her cousin was talking about laptop cameras.
she said she puts a bandage over her camera.
people can hack into your laptop and access your camera.
they’ll watch you while you’re naked,
pretending you’re a pop star in your bedroom,
jackin off,
or even having sex.
it sorta scared me a little.
the subject of hacked cameras came up again within another conversation.
so i went to amazon and got to ordering.
the product just came today

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The Apple Didn’t Fall Too Far From The Week

was this week a weird one for anyone else?
i don’t know about anyone else,
but i felt completely off in my forest.
now i could blame it on “giving things power”,
or the venus retrograde in current effect,
or my tail hangs to far to the left than right,
but something was up and i didn’t know what.
when i opened my macbook,
my “i” button was trying to hit on my nerve.
it would not stop typing “i” on the screen.
it was like the ghost of present “fuck you” was holding down the button.
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