Borrow (Mi)

symbols-0144_largeso mi just asked me a question like 10 minutes ago,
and i want to throw it in the foxhole

she just asked me if she could borrow my lap top tomorrow to look for jobs.
she didn’t know if asking for the laptop was also in the new rules.
it isn’t.
her reasoning?
her hours are getting cut and she wants to start looking for another job.

Should i let her use my computer tomorrow?

i won’t be here tho.
the thing about her is she will hop on social media and get distracted.
ive seen her in action,
plus i don’t want to make her too comfortable.
i’m still not there yet.

14 thoughts on “Borrow (Mi)

  1. She’s a leach. You have blood (what she needs to survive). You’re her host. She appreciates it.

  2. I agree with everyone else in here for the library, not only does it give her a time limit to do what she really needs to do but it shows that you are not ready to be all lovey dovey with her yet. She will understand it as she hauls herself out of bed to the library to be given a time limit on something she would have probably had freely in your crib if she had not showed her butt. Trust she will be thinking about it.

  3. I vote for library.At my neighborhood library you can use desktop for 2 hrs with a computer card or a laptop(in the library) with a library card.There is no way hell she is going to be job searching for the ten hours you are away from home.So no she doesn’t need your computer all day so she came be posting stuff on IG .

  4. I’m with Jay the library works and also they usually give you an time slot at the library enough time for her to sign on for jobs and etc…also tell her to upload her resume to Indeed,com they have an app where even when youre on the go if you have your resume uploaded to the site you can apply within seconds to different jobs

    1. ^ Yes to the library and indeed! That’s a great place to start. And if she’s got one of these new phones out here she can do everything on her phone nowadays. Sure its not as convenient, but it gets the job done.

    1. ^i am really particular about my computer.
      I am good with her using it when I’m here,
      but since she needs to find a job,
      I wanted to help her out.
      i think that library suggestion sounds like a good idea.

  5. Umm well if you do, just make sure you set up a guest account. I don’t trust the bitch, I’m sorry.

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