Perez Hilton Makes August Alsina A Star

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.05.30 PMso perez hilton made august alsina his #mcm today.
august saw it and promptly responded


















tumblr_mw4nqkIUBN1qbh0eio1_250why come when perez does it,
he gets a response,
but when jamari fox does it,
i get nothing?
is it because i’m black?!
because i’m blacccccck?!
okay i’m just kiddin.
maybe mine was too ratchet for august.
he can’t handle what i give.

lowkey: i notice these black entertainers/baller wolves love the attention from white bloggers.
orientation don’t matter.
am i wrong with my observation?
 i could be wrong tho.
one day soon,
i will be the blogger who gets the love from “the big deals” too.


21 thoughts on “Perez Hilton Makes August Alsina A Star

  1. I kind of agree. I hate to say it, but it does seem like a lot of them let their guards down more with white gay men compared to black gay men. Maybe I’m just imagining things, idk. Regardless, it was very cool of August to respond in a respectful way.

  2. Yea, if a black man did this, it would have been an issue, but oh well. I just don’t know anymore. SMH.

  3. He wants that mainstream success sooo bad lol.

    And I agree with y’all Chris Brown looks like a druggie! I fail to see the hype. August is handsome to me but he is so skinny and that’s a turn off for me, I like athletic/muscular bodies. He’s lucky that he’s tall though.

    1. Why do our straight counterparts accept white gay over black gay? You guys bring up a good point and it didn’t hit me until now….

      I remember I had a class w/ this straight dude and his gf. There was also this flaming white dude in the class that would talk like “Madea” to get attention/laughs from other classmates. The dude and his girlfriend thought he was so funny and would laugh/kiki w/ him all the time. I remember one time I happened to be sitting next to them and I politely asked them if I could look at their syllabus. They looked at me crazy, rolled their eyes and said “we didn’t bring it…” They always had an attitude w/ me for no reason, and I wonder was it because I was an openly gay brutha. Puzzling…

      1. Wow! This is very interesting and based upon what I observed I think there is a bias towards black homosexual’s and thats because black masculinity is held to a higher standard so anybody who goes against that is view as weak or lacking but white men straight or gay can express themselves anyway they want and not be penalized for it socially so its largely due to how people perceive you.

      2. Wow Sterling!
        Idk, I have a feeling its because a lot of us are “unknown” in the sense, that we may identify as “gay” but some of us are still probably not what they’re expecting, so perhaps its threatening to them? Not sure.

        To clarify, that flaming white gay guy, is probably their idea of what a gay man is, if you’re not flaming, but still gay, you’re an oddity to people because they can’t figure you out.
        It sounds like because you’re “normal” (I use that word loosely, not a fan of the word lol) you are perhaps, still not the stereotype, as in, what people can expect and are accustomed to. They still want to box us into stereotypical categories. Many can’t accept that many of us are exactly like them other than the fact that we like the same sex, being the ONLY major difference. That we may still want to identify as masculine, and be considered masculine. Many of them just cant/won’t accept that.They just want us to be flaming, and pretend we are women just to serve their own purpose so that they can understand us in their own limited ways. Just because we suck dick doesnt mean we dont like to watch sports and “pop a beer” so to speak. They just don’t get it.

        Couple that with stereotypes and misperceived notions of what it is to be a black male, and the idea of masculinity, I’m sure it has something to do with it.

        Or maybe a simpler reason is they just don’t know you as well?

  4. Lol! We can never be happy. He didn’t have a homophobic response and it’s still a problem. But i agree with Dignified and Jay about his relevance. The only way i heard about this guy was on THIS website. Outside of this website no one else seems to know about him. I actually forget about him until this article lol. The fact that he’s coming up is questionable.

    He’s popular because the thirst buckets believe he has pipe. That’s why Chris Brown get away with most of the ratchet stuff he do cause he’s always popping his dick. Sex sells for men and women. You all should have seen the comments for the Mimi and Nikko sex tape. Nikko went from “ugly” and “clown” to “sexy” and “that’s daddy”. Like wtf? The thirst is TOO real.

  5. That’s real coonish and fake on his part.

    We all know if Perez Hilton was black and gay he would’ve snapped on him, but because he’s getting more exposure to a white audience he wants to act all humbled by the fact another man called him attractive.

    You guys can have these subpar R&B thugs with not one classic song or album. Female artists are developing huge followings and becoming legends in the game while male artists are falling way behind. The bar is so low.

    Plus he’s only cute in a twink sort of way anyway smh

    1. Agreed, in fact, he’s not attractive to me AT ALL! I don’t get it. I don’t get how this guy can be new to the scene and be acting so ungrateful, having beefs with people etc. Sit down, and work, don’t talk, your opinion isnt important yet. lol. First of all, I still have not heard one song from him, ever. And I check for new artists, but he hasn’t crossed my list at all. I think i heard him live once though,so that confirmed my assumption that he’s not even good.

      I don’t get why people think he’s great or even attractive, I feel like he should be at the bottom of the barrel. Ugh, what a useless generation of music this is, but I do feel a change coming for the better…

      The only male artist that I can think of is legendary or revolutionary was Michael Jackson, but it wasn’t because of his Mariah Carey level of vocals, but he had a presence, so you’re right JAY, there aren’t any Male LEGENDS known for their vocals specifically that I can think of. (@Christian, where you at?)

      I just take issue when morons like this get attention when there are real artists out there that get nothing who DESERVE the attention. It’s really pathetic.

      If Perez were black and gay, yeah this would have been a different story.

      1. It’s gotta be the light skin and permed hair that make people think some how him and Chris Brown are talented. I’ve seen August Alsina in person because me and him had the same barber. He’s an average slim dude and I can think of 5-7 dudes I see in the gym that are more attractive. Doesn’t really have amazing vocals, he just carries a tune.

        Black people are still very color struck even though we downplay it now like dark skinned men are just as desirable. The light skin and texturized hair superiority thing is still very internalized.

      2. LOL maybe, many are still slaves to their own mind’s limits and what has been taught to us. For me, attractive is attractive, regardless, talented, is talented, colour has nothing to do with it for me,my opinion is pretty objective in that sense, so in my eyes, all I see is this lanky moron who tries to sing, who isnt even great, who acts so arrogant as if he’s the greatest thing ever. That’s not talent.
        As far as I’m concerned he’s a joke, and Chris Brown is even worse with his clown self. I dont think Chris is attractive either tbh. I’m probably the only one lol. Their personalities really turn me off.
        He literally does NOTHING for me, maybe I have to be attracted to him to see it? lol
        I’m sorry, I just don’t get it! He’s irrelevant to me. LOL I wouldn’t be surprised if you were right JAY!

    1. Yeah he certainly is he’s from my hometown of New Orleans this is a special type of niggrosity lol!

  6. It is definitely because you are Black.
    You have to remember he is from the south and they do anything for mista and massa around those parts
    And about him being cuban, Cubans don’t even think they are Cuban
    Majority of them consider themselves white if they can pass
    Just sucks we still are looking for assurance from the white population
    Fuck em all

  7. This is too funny! You know jamari you gotta understand this is business for these black celebrities so of course their not ack ah foul lol! Yes I did say what you just read as in the words of Nene lekes “I said with I said” lmao! And besides he’s trade so you should already know how they get down they’ll bend ova faster for the white man then for yo black ass lol!

  8. August knew not to come for Perez because Perez would have put him on blast, and Perez is Cuban btw…honestly too i feel a real man can take a compliment regardless if its a woman or man paying the compliment…August is cute though but still not my type

    1. Yea Perez is Cuban, but a white Cuban. Please Malcolm, don’t get me started with white Cubans, I can’t stand those kind.

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