Whoopi Goldberg and Raven Symone Come To Rachel Dolezal’s Rescue

whiteisnewblacki guess no one learned from keri hilson:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.42.26 PMoh keri.
why does she do this?
this “talking” thing?
well she had to defend herself,
but it was too late:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.42.51 PMher mentions are already mass destruction.
so its the ladies from the view’s turn?
the only two of color,
might i add?
well i knew raven would put on a cape.
my hopes for her tend to be low.
  whoopi tho?
oh whoopi.
well they both said the following about rachel dolezal on hot topics this morning…


…i guess whoopi made sense.
i think.
tumblr_mm4s60n8Xk1s49x9io1_400don’t help.

keri hilson tweets: twitter

rachel dolezal illustration: ny daily news

10 thoughts on “Whoopi Goldberg and Raven Symone Come To Rachel Dolezal’s Rescue

  1. Just laugh at the jokes & keep it moving. Raven is right & there us anthropolical evidence to support the fact that homosapiens origanted in Africa. Blacks aren’t the only people in Africa. There are bigger issues in our community than someone wanting to be black.

  2. I still like Whoopi, but no I do not agree. Raven is just…I just cant the things she says seriously. She’s a clown with clown-ish statements. She is not very intelligent. She says the most idiotic things and she does not represent my age group at all, or maybe its just me, idk. I don’t share her moronic sentiments about anything LOL!
    I am still confused as to why she had to pretend to be black? But I guess she didnt feel it was obligatory just for the NAACP, that is apparently a way of life she chose for herself…

    Here’s the thing. If she wants a twist out, or a wash & go, that’s fine, do that, if you want an afro, braids or dreads, fine, do that, you wouldn’t be the first, but when you are born a white woman, don’t claim to be a black woman and go through our struggles, when you haven’t. There may be arguments that she has dealt with some black issues, but again, here’s the difference: she CHOSE to take on that matter for herself, black women and black people are SUBJECT to oppression, we don’t GET to CHOOSE our battles in that sense. We are forced to deal with oppression and racism from the days we are born BECAUSE of our skin colour, features, hair texture etc.

    She is merely a white woman appropriating black culture who THINKS that because she fights on behalf of us, she actually IS us. Whoopi compared this woman to a transgender individual, but I strongly disagree because transgenders don’t choose to identify themselves with the opposite sex, I get the impression that this woman’s motives are self-serving and that she consciously chose to identify as a black woman for her own self-serving purposes.

    Please, The View, don’t marginalize other marginalized groups further to justify your lack of understanding. Don’t justify this woman’s behaviour when its actually hurting us as a community.

    and did you guys hear what the white brunette lady said? “If could go black, I would already look black, that would be an immediate 15 pounds off right there” and she said “I did a DNA test to see if I had any african heritage, and I dont, and thats bothers me because I want to connect to be African American friends”
    …. LMFAO WTF?!!?!!
    Backhanded compliments…gotta love them.

    How am I supposed to take any of that seriously? There was no intellectual dialogue AT ALL! I can’t with the View anymore, a bunch of idiot chickens just clucking and boking just to be heard!

    I’m fcking done LOL!

  3. I turned Chinese today. And FYI, as a Chinese, I think that it’s OK to call us “Chinks”. Hey, Rachel Dolezal who turned from white to black (and with the specific black ethnic group of African American) said that she prefers “black” to “African American” so as a Chinese person, I prefer “Chinks” to “Chinese”. Thank you, Rachel Dolezal.

  4. Raven is an idiot
    Rachel will be Black until she gets in trouble with the police then she will take off that self tanner and that weave.

  5. arleast you can’t say for her that everyone wants to be black until the cops show up. I just feel amazed that for someone so into the issues of African Americans that she stereotyped it down to braids and perms to give a natural kinky hair and tans.

  6. So now being black has been reduced to a fad that anybody can pick and choose to be when its convenient. Something to go in and out of style with the times. I cant stand some of these coons that have a platform who cosign this bullshit.

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