The Artist Formerly Known As Rachel Dolezal?

i swear to you…
the following story made me bust out laughing.
i mean,
LAUGHING for like 5 minutes straight.
so remember the former naacp president of spokane,
rachel dolezal?

she was the snow bunny who legit told everyone she was black.
it wasn’t until she was outed by her parents for being white.
search the archives—–>
well rachel is a transracial and  has recently changed her name to fit her new life.
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Rihanna Gonna Need A New Head After This Dragging

rihanna-tumblrthere comes a point in every celeb life when they will get dragged.
it happens to the best of them.
sometimes they open their mouth and a ton of “wtf” flies out.
as you know,
i love rihanna.
she had something to say in the latest vanity fair about rachel dolezal.
you know her.
she was ( x the snow bunny who is transracial ).
well i can feel my head hurting for rihanna with this comment…
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Rachel Dolezal: The Rise of the Transracials? you can strip her of her “president” title at the naacp in spokane, washington,
but what you wont do is strip her of her race.
rachel dolezal is black and there is nothing you gonna do about it.
she had an interview with matt lauer on “the today show” and well…
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Whoopi Goldberg and Raven Symone Come To Rachel Dolezal’s Rescue

whiteisnewblacki guess no one learned from keri hilson:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.42.26 PMoh keri.
why does she do this?
this “talking” thing?
well she had to defend herself,
but it was too late:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.42.51 PMher mentions are already mass destruction.
so its the ladies from the view’s turn?
the only two of color,
might i add?
well i knew raven would put on a cape.
my hopes for her tend to be low.
  whoopi tho?
oh whoopi.
well they both said the following about rachel dolezal on hot topics this morning…
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Rachel Dolezal Packs Up Her “Blackness” and Leaves

Spokane-NAACP-president-Rachel-Dolezalone thing i hate is when i miss a scandal.
that irks me.
well i know i am pretty late with the “rachel dolezal” scandal.
for those who don’t know,
rachel dolezal was a snow bunny pretending to be a full fledged black vixen.
i mean she went all out with “sista drag”,
a good wig,
and a lethal tanning oil.
did i also mention she was the president of the naacp chapter in spokane, washington?
well keyword: “was”.
after she got scalped by her fake roots from every-gatdamn-where,
she had no choice but to resign today.
this is what her statement she posted on the “spokane naacp” facebook
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