The Artist Formerly Known As Rachel Dolezal?

i swear to you…
the following story made me bust out laughing.
i mean,
LAUGHING for like 5 minutes straight.
so remember the former naacp president of spokane,
rachel dolezal?

she was the snow bunny who legit told everyone she was black.
it wasn’t until she was outed by her parents for being white.
search the archives—–>
well rachel is a transracial and  has recently changed her name to fit her new life.

Rachel Dolezal, the former head of Spokane, Washington’s NAACP chapter who claimed to be black before her parents ‘outed’ her as white, officially changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo in a Washington court in October, legal documents obtained by show.

Nkechi, short for Nkechinyere, is a name that originates from the Igbo language of Nigeria and means ‘what god has given’ or ‘gift of god.’

Diallo, meaning ‘bold,’ is a last name of Fula origin. The Fula people are a Muslim ethnic group thought to have roots in the Middle East and North Africa, who are now widely dispersed across West Africa.

Since the revelation about her race two years ago, Dolezal, 39, has had a difficult time patching her reputation back together and providing for herself and three children.

After applying for more than 100 jobs, including a position at the university where she used to teach, she says that no employer will hire her. A friend reportedly helped her pay two months of rent and Dolezal said she expects to be homeless.

“her mama named her rachel…
im gon call her rachel”.
nah but seriously…

i feel for her that she can’t get a job,
but what did she expect?
she wanted to be black so…
welcome to being black in america
even if she gets a job,
that is such a blatant african american name.
the interviewers are going to be in for a shock of their lives when he walks in the door.

she is about to get the dragging of her life today.
someone get the castor oil.
rachel will also be releasing her memoirs,
“in full color”,
next month.
it will document her childhood,
head of naacp,
becoming an activist.
i guess she is living her truth?

lowkey: from the last entries,
i think the foxhole allowed her since she knew “black” everything.
she maybe safe over here.

article taken: the daily mail

10 thoughts on “The Artist Formerly Known As Rachel Dolezal?

  1. Im just going to leave this here for the future historian who comes across this in 50 years: It was not lost on all of us in 2017 how much time was devoted to the white girl who wanted to be Black, one month into the most overtly racist presidency in 70 years. Some of us realized that this was the point at which the moral authority conferred on the struggle for Black equality was lost to communities who are fighting the real enemies.

  2. I still don’t understand why everyone was so mad at her. She wanted to be black. I could see if she was making a mockery of black culture but she was basically living as a black women. She wasn’t being vile or disrespectful she was just living. Can someone please explain what the issue is?

    1. At the university she taught at, she would play the victim talking about how hard it is to be a light skinned black woman.She wanted to get an assignment that was given to a black instructor to teach “intercultural studies” class because she understood what it is like to be a black person.Yet she sued Howard University ,a black school,for racial discrimination.She said they discriminated against her for being WHITE.So pick a damn side if you want to be black despite having two white parents than be black.In 2014 she wrote she was White and Black on a job application.Pick a race and stick to it.She filed false reports that she was a victim of anti Black hate crimes.She claims the threats were mailed to her at the NAACP yet it was determined the threats were never mailed because they never went thru the post office sorting center.

      So my issue is she is a white woman(not mixed) who has the white privilege of getting to be white when she wants a job or being black when she wants to teach a intercultural studies class.She gets to be white when she files a lawsuit againt Howard University yet gets to be black when she reports hate crimes that she is being threatened and called nigger.

      So can I be white when I go to the bank for a loan because she can.She can wipe off that make up, take out that weave and be on her merry way.
      # white privilege

  3. As I said before this woman is a fraud.She is a pathological liar and a thief.She hasn’t done much for the black community besides being the president of NAACP for a few months.She is a thief who plagiarized other artists work and sold it on artpal website without mentioning it wasn’t her original art..She sued Howard University for racial discrimination.She also resigned from a position in Idaho for racial discrimination.Yet she was claiming they discriminated against her for being white.She has also reported nine hate crimes that she claims were anti black hate crimes.She claims she is black yet she wrote she was also white on her job application for the City of Spokane in 2014.She was dismissed by the city council in 2015″over a pattern of misconduct”.from that commission.

    She lied about living in Africa in a teepee when in fact she has never been to Africa, her white parents lived in Africa for a few years.If she wants to be black than she can take her “black” ass to some country in Africa since she talks her love of everything African art, hairstyles,-etc.She is educated she can start a new life there and she can raise her son”Langston”and her other sons in The Motherland.I think her new name is Nigerian so she can move there.

    Lastly If you “identify” as black then don’t write white when you are applying for a damn job.That was one of my main issues with her.

    1. ^110%

      i wasn’t buying this story because it didn’t seem genuine.
      it seems like she is bat shit crazy.

      why choose that name of all things?

  4. If people can proclaim they changed their sex, people can proclaim a different race. Even scales…the doors that open..

  5. can black folks say they were “born white”,
    use the transracial line,
    and get away with it like she is?
    i mean,
    it’s not really been working out for her so…

  6. All I have to say is that I better not see anybody up in the comments talking about she’s done more for the black community than actual black people have. I’ve been seeing so many black people out here caping for her saying she’s done so much for us yet they can’t cite any specific examples. And no, being the president of the Spokane, WA NAACP is not an example because only around 3% of the population is Black and for $30 a year anyone can join the NAACP.

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