Rachel Dolezal Packs Up Her “Blackness” and Leaves

Spokane-NAACP-president-Rachel-Dolezalone thing i hate is when i miss a scandal.
that irks me.
well i know i am pretty late with the “rachel dolezal” scandal.
for those who don’t know,
rachel dolezal was a snow bunny pretending to be a full fledged black vixen.
i mean she went all out with “sista drag”,
a good wig,
and a lethal tanning oil.
did i also mention she was the president of the naacp chapter in spokane, washington?
well keyword: “was”.
after she got scalped by her fake roots from every-gatdamn-where,
she had no choice but to resign today.
this is what her statement she posted on the “spokane naacp” facebook

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.12.16 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.12.35 PM
i’m confused as to why she even had to do all of this?
like did she not think she would get caught?
maybe she is bat shit crazy?
either way:FtWzENai hope she gets some kind of help.
btw have you seen her parents:

ABC_rachel_dolezal_parents_jt_150613_4x3t_384this whole story gets a huge “i can’t” from me.

lowkey: lets not act like there aren’t light blacks out there.
some even have light eyes and look white.
then again with rachel:

…was everyone just blind?
how did she get caught up?
i missed how she got exposed.

statement credited: facebook

*pictures credited to owner

18 thoughts on “Rachel Dolezal Packs Up Her “Blackness” and Leaves

  1. BLACKFACE. SMH! Iggy Azaela, Chet Hanks etc. All of these culture vultures are doing too much!

  2. I turned Chinese today. And FYI, as a Chinese, I think that it’s OK to call us “Chinks”. Hey, Rachel Dolezal who turned from white to black (and with the specific black ethnic group of African American) said that she prefers “black” to “African American” so as a Chinese person, I prefer “Chinks” to “Chinese”. Thank you, Rachel Dolezal.

  3. This is what I don’t understand about this situation why she felt like she had it conceal her identity to be apart of the NAACP it doesn’t make any earthly sense to me at all and another thing how can a black person especially in America be upset about her “passing” as black when black people themselves delight in the idea of diluted blackness and or anybody who has some measurable degree of blackness to identify as black you see black people all the time literally harassing mixed race blacks to identify as such so black folks need being hypocrites those people who hired her know what they were doing they perceived her as a light-skinned black who embraces her blackness she was their wet dream so the NAACP should have no problem with what she did in my opinion.

  4. I’m noticing black men aren’t as outraged by this as professional black women.

    I suppose it’s because black women know first hand how hard it is to be taken seriously in offices dominated mostly by the “old white boys club” and to find out some white woman has been impersonating you like a caricature is infuriating because she could’ve very well stolen opportunities reserved primarily for other black women because she posed as one instead of the plentiful opportunities she has as a white woman.

    1. Oh you are absolutely right it is upsetting to think that this could have happened and it is disgusting but however we have to thank colorism for this one because the NAACP is notorious for its blatant colorism so that’ll learn em’ lol! Oh btw the reason why the brothas ain’t mad cause she’s a BMW she’s a Teena Marie so you ain’t gonna hear nothing from them lmao!

    2. Black men SHOULD be at least somewhat offended as well. Its just another example of someone mocking our race, and culture. Its a complete mockery of our experiences as black people, man or woman.

      @Kelly, what do you mean by “she’s a BMW”?

      1. Hey dig! How ya doing, well “BMW” is an acronym for black man’s wish so anytime a white woman takes on the silhouette of a black female black men are delighted to see it because it dilutes the physical traits of blackness in its natural state so that’s what I mean.

      2. LOL! okay thanks for the clarification Kelly! 😉 I’m okay how are you?

        Ugh, our community needs work! You might be right about that eh? That’s what makes me sad lol.

      3. I’m OK I can’t complain and yeah its kinda sad that our community is so dysfunctional but the only thing we can do is be apart of the solution whatever that is I don’t have the answers but whatever has to be done has to be done so our community can go further.

  5. This woman lied about receiving anti Black hate mail.She claimed she was Black on job applications.She sued Howard U for discriminating against her because she was White in 2002.She received a full scholarship to Howard because they thought she was Black.They were shocked when she showed up to attend graduate school.She lied about being a Professor at Eastern Washington University,she was in fact a part time instructor.She gave lectures on Black hair and encouraged students to go natural when her natural hair is blond and straight.She sells plagiarized art on her art blog.She lied about having cancer,being abused by her parents,living in poverty ,fighting off wild animals with bows and arrows in S.Africa.

    My main issue with her is by pretending to be Black in all likelihood she took a job(s) from People of Color who could have been hired in a diversity hiring situation.For people who have no problem with her changing races then do you think we should stop using races at all?Because if she can be White in 2002 and Black in 2007, can she stop tanning and take off the wig and be White again in 2015?
    Can most Black people decide tomorrow that are they going to be White tomorrow?

    1. So when Beyonce straightens her air for every show. Changes everything about her to appeal to whites. ..let’s be real black people aren’t making other blacks rich…white people are and artist and others know that so tone down every bit of bkackness. We lie on applucations. Change our appearance to fit it. I’m not mad that a white woman’s to feel and experience what it’s like to be black. So many spend so much tI me disaaaociating from us..

      1. Beyonce has never denied being Black.A Black woman straightening her hair or dying her hair doesn’t mean she wants to be White.A white woman getting a tan or perming her hair doesn’t mean she wants to be Black.Only about 20 percent of Adult women have virgin hair so most of us alter our hair.

        Writing Black on a job application, telling a reporter you are Black when you know you are Caucasian is my issue.Telling your Black brother to stop acting White is a my issue.Telling a Hispanic student she doesn’t look Hispanic when your white ass is pretending to be Black is my issue.

      2. Tony sit your C00n ass down because you keep REACHING for heights which you cannot reach! Beyonce wearing blonde wigs has NOTHING to do with this. Bey has stated publicly that she is a black woman. Black people try to tone down their blackness to fit in because we live in a WHITE SOCIETY! Have you not heard of WHITE PRIVILEGE??

        Did you know that many black women are denied jobs if they come to job interviews au naturel?? You wonder why most black women in work offices have straight hair/weaves? Because that’s what’s deemed “appropriate” by their white bosses! WHAT privileges is this woman receiving by pretending to be black in a WHITE society? We get no perks! NAACP is a minor compared to all the big white owned businesses where this LIAR could have prospered in. Black people want ACCEPTANCE, that’s where all of the self-hatred in our community comes from.
        What this woman did was selfish period. Lying about her hate-mail, family members etc. She is a parasite!

  6. I’ve got different views on this. While I haven’t seen all of the videos where she outright claimed to be black. I do believe anyone who is a fighter for the oppressed should be oppressed. So what she wears cornrows. Our people aint put a patten on it. When Beyonce and Nikki are bleaching their skin and dying their air and wearing contacts we give them a million likes and download music all day. I see no problem with her. THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE IS NOT JUST CONCERNED ABOUT BLACKS BUT THE OPPRESSION OF ALL PEOPLE

    1. She paid a black man to pose as her father and asked her adoptive black brothers to lie for her. She is a pathological liar.

      Beyonce and Nicki aren’t teaching classes about white people and there are black people with blonde hair and even light gray and blue eyes so what’s your point? Clearly everyone knows they identify as black women.

      Her students have even accused her of telling one of them they didn’t “look Hispanic enough”.

      Someone who changes their identity that way is sick.

    2. YOU TRIED IT!! Beyonce & Nicki aren’t posing as WHITE WOMEN DECEIVING everyone for monetary gain! This woman did blackface and lied to everyone. Beyonce & Nicki did not LIE. Everybody knows that they are black women. This woman has put affirmative action to a halt, do you know how many possible minorities/black people probably could have got her job but didn’t get it because of this SELFISH White woman?? We already live in a White supremacy society as it is where it’s hard for people of color to get jobs. Don’t fall for this BS!

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