Rachel Dolezal Packs Up Her “Blackness” and Leaves

Spokane-NAACP-president-Rachel-Dolezalone thing i hate is when i miss a scandal.
that irks me.
well i know i am pretty late with the “rachel dolezal” scandal.
for those who don’t know,
rachel dolezal was a snow bunny pretending to be a full fledged black vixen.
i mean she went all out with “sista drag”,
a good wig,
and a lethal tanning oil.
did i also mention she was the president of the naacp chapter in spokane, washington?
well keyword: “was”.
after she got scalped by her fake roots from every-gatdamn-where,
she had no choice but to resign today.
this is what her statement she posted on the “spokane naacp” facebook
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Donnie McClurkin Gets UnInvited From An Event Because He Is Straight

Donnie-McClurkin-Angry-Social-Camdonnie mcClurkin thought because he was a born again “straight”,
he could sit around.
grab his crotch,
and talk shit about “us”.
well well well donnie learned today.
he got his “born again straight” ass uninvited to perform at the mlk march.
a case of “you can’t sit with us”?…

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