Donnie McClurkin Gets UnInvited From An Event Because He Is Straight

Donnie-McClurkin-Angry-Social-Camdonnie mcClurkin thought because he was a born again “straight”,
he could sit around.
grab his crotch,
and talk shit about “us”.
well well well donnie learned today.
he got his “born again straight” ass uninvited to perform at the mlk march.
a case of “you can’t sit with us”?…

Gospel musician Donnie McClurkin claims he was uninvited to a concert  in Washington, D.C. celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. and the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington due to his stance on homosexuality. McClurkin has said that God delivered him from what he reportedly called “the curse” of homosexuality after he was sexually abused as a child.

donnie goes on to say:

“Last night, on the way to the airport, we received a telephone call from the promoters who had received word from the Mayor’s office –Mayor Gray’s office– as well as the arts commission that I was not welcomed and uninvited the night before the concert,” McClurkin said. “[It’s] quite unfortunate that in today a black man, a black artist is uninvited from a civil rights movement depicting the love, the unity, the peace, the tolerance.” McClurkin went on to say “These are bully tactics simply because of stances that I took never, ever demeaning, never, ever derogatorily addressing any, any lifestyle.”

tumblr_lq06wnMp6g1qerfb9o1_500star fox could not stand his ass.
i think he met him and was disgusted.
i can’t remember the full story.
foxhole i think we can all agree.
donnie tries to hard.
yes donnie.
yes we get it.
you are straight and lovin’ it.
you don’t have to be a mean girl since you’ve been delivered.
well donnie i guess he:

FE_120710_gray425x283…was the bigger “bitch” at the lunch table.

x watch video as donnie explains his side of the story

article source: the wall street journal

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “Donnie McClurkin Gets UnInvited From An Event Because He Is Straight”

  1. He ain’t fooling me…..he’s waiting for the right brother to come into play and he will be sing a new song.

  2. Apparently Donnie has a son according to story @obnoxioustv.Is it a bio son or adopted? Does Donnie have a secret girlfriend like Tyler Perry?

  3. Glory be to all brothers. I hope everyone had an electrifying weekend filled with praise. The DC Mayor was way out of line for his treatment towards Donnie McClurkin. I got an email from my church today to write to the mayor’s office to get Donnie to perform. It was wrong and against many laws (freedom of speech). What is happening to this country? Donnie speaks of his deliverance from his sin and should not be excluded from the event because of that. They had Jay Z in the White House and he was a former drug dealer who speaks about it in his music. His wife promotes sex and smut through her shows but Donnie cannot join the march? Unacceptable and if anyone of you agree, it goes to show what is put up with in society. Wouldn’t you all be the first to protest if someone of gay was banned from the march?

    1. DEBORAH, Donnie is gay and was banned. You can’t go from being gay to all of a sudden straight. Are you gay Deborah? Have you tried praying the gay away? I’ve prayed many years as a child to make me straight and guess what i’m still gay. Donnie has never claimed to be straight anyway but what he has claimed is that many homosexuals through prayer can become straight and saved from the wrath of satan so Deborah do you believe Donnie? Do you think all us cocksucking gay men can be straight ?

      and if your answer is yes, gay men can stop sleeping with men and start sleeping with women than i’m sure alot of downlow men will love it, they’ll just love it

      1. Good afternoon and blessings Larry. Yes I believe with prayer, studying the word, and being around the saints within your congregation, you can remove the gay out of your life. Gay men choose to live their lives this way and it can be removed. It wont be an easy road, but you have to turn your life over to Jesus. There is an ex gay in my church who is doing very well and is focused on becoming a man of God. He is studying to be a pastor so it can be done because I am a witness to it.

      2. Donnie has referred to Gay men as”vampires,broken,feminine…”Hehas freedom of speech just like Paula Deen has freedom of speech to call Black people Niggers.I have the freedom of speech to email the Mayor of DC to express my displeasure in having Donnie perform at this event ,Tit for tat.

    1. Good afternoon and blessings gucciblk. How so? Donnie has remained consistent within his message. Is that something you want to see to hurt that man’a reputation? Is this a blog or a tomato throwing contest?

      1. Deborah IF Jamari will even post this comment I want to tell you to STOP fighting these guys, you won’t win. Let them have it the way they want to see, not everybody appreciates people throwing reality to their face some CHOOSE to remain in their delusion.
        Ex : Someone says Oh I want change to come I listened to a message on Youtube and I think I’m going to stop thinking in terms of Dick and not anyone to “cum” inside of me. Next time they’re saying they want to fuck someone, ride the person’s mouth etc #nofucksgiven, I mean if the individual can not see the silly opposite then I don’t know what else

      2. that was me who said that.
        i said that i would ride that fine baller b.j. daniels mouth and fuck him.
        i also said #nofucksgiven.
        i bet if he was infront of me,
        i would be respectable.
        i say what i want on my site and act a damn fool in my world.
        outside of this world,
        i keep my thoughts to myself until asked.
        just to clear that up.
        good day!

    2. Hello Debra…peace and blessing be to you….in regard to this matter that is what i see on one hand and on the other hand why can’t he be political with this matter it is a political situation and why can’t he be fictitous or hypocritical about it at the same time……just because he made his declaration about his sexuality in the name of the Lord and sings gospel music do that exempt him from his human nature……

  4. Good afternoon YColette. From what I’ve seen, gay men are feminine. They live in a fantasy world of wanting someone masculine. If you look at videos of gay gatherings, there is hardly anyone masculine within the crowd. That is a fact. Also there is a whole congregation sending letters to the offices, as well as other congregations in the area. This is a huge injustice and contradiction amongst the state of DC.

    1. OK sweetie keep thinking most Gay men are fem.You are so clueless you will probably end up marrying one.LMAO BTW is Pastor Darwin Randolph feminine? From my experience ,he is the rule not the exception only about of 1/3 of the Gay / Bi guys that I KNOW are feminine.

    2. That is wrong ASSUMPTION Deborah. Not all gay men are feminine, maybe the majority of the ones on TV are. Kerry Rhodes (football payer), Fashonu (soccer player), Amechi (Basketball player) , etc are all gay and ALL VERYY masculine – looks, attitude etc. Not to mention, Downlow men, Bi-sexuals, bi-curious etc who mess with guys AND women.

  5. Brothers. Please take a moment to listen to what Donnie is saying as consider his side before attack me and the church.

    1. “[It’s] quite unfortunate that in today a black man, a black artist is uninvited from a civil rights movement depicting the love, the unity, the peace, the tolerance.”

      He’s a bigot and a hypocrite.

      I don’t think there’s much more to discuss here.

      Moving right along…

  6. Freedom of speech refers to ones ability to express their opinion without being thrown in jail. It doesn’t mean that you can say whatever you want and then be invited to any function you want. People running the event can choose to invite who they like. Do you think a Klansmen has the right to be invited? Also freedom of speech is not an absolute. There are all types of exceptions to the freedom of speech amendment. I am not suggesting that Donnie McClurkin is not covered under the amendment, I just get bothered when people throw around freedom of speech as if it covers all speech and expression.

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