Sign (Mi)

tumblr_mmbb53wrqe1s8w9o4o1_500so i spent almost all day drafting up this contact for mi…

i had a huge writers block on friday about it.
i literally was stuck at “no physical confrontations”.
just the thought of it still makes me hot.
i called star fox’s mother for some advice on how to word it.
she has dealt with contracts first hand so she was the perfect person.
within the contract,
she wanted me to add certain things like:

late rent
no rent
no sleep overs
no smoking
advanced notice of guests

and my favorite:

all guests must have decent life history

tumblr_mfup4ksqVL1qis1uxo1_500so no ratchets or jail birds.
i’m sure she will think i’m treating her like a child,
but she pretty much ruined any kind of privilege for a long time.

after i was done,
i asked work wolf to look it over.
this was his chance to get involved in my life.
he liked how i drafted up,
but really wants us to try and maintain a better relationship.
i told him it still burns,
but i’ll try to make this work.

“you should try and bond with her.
take her out.”


she did try to get in my good graces last night tho.
when i walked in the kitchen,
after being in my room binging on #oitnb,
i noticed she had cooked a big feast.
i was about to grab a tv dinner when she told me i could have some.
i wasn’t gonna decline.
i took some and went back to my room.
it tasted good tho.
won’t even lie.
i could see she was sad i didn’t eat with her,
but i’m not ready yet.
work wolf wants to come over this weekend and i’m sure she will be here.
she knows how i feel/felt about him.
i told her.
this was wayyyyyyy before “fight night”.
i didn’t think work wolf and i would even be this close.
so we’ll see how this goes.

14 thoughts on “Sign (Mi)

  1. Let me tell you the story of Diamond and her cousin Ebony from Florida…LMAO I kid, I kid

    “Girl, Lance ain’t nobody” hahahaha

  2. Its good that she is at least making some attempt i hope its sincere.

    Work Wolf wanna come over. Did yall discuss why he wants to come over. Id like to know the convo that led up to that. Lol

    1. He and J are having Tuesday night Bible Study
      WOW I didn’t know Mi you were gay

  3. Awwww it was nice she cooked but I know she just doesn’t expect you to just be all cozy with her. I know you’ll come around but it’s gonna take time. I just hope she doesn’t try to get on your good side only to have another episode.

    P.S. It’s nice work wolf is coming over !

  4. “all guests must have decent life history”

    ROFL, that line got me LOL!

    Jamari, how do you really feel about this situation? You’re definitely not over the incident yet, which is okay, but if you’re not past it, are you really in a position to help her? This is starting to sound like a ticking time bomb on your end this time. I know there aren’t many other options but you really have to take care of your own internal health as well. Your wording suggests that you’re stressed out about this. Something is going to have to give at some point. If this is going to work between you two, you need to be able to conquer your feelings about what happened, or it will forever loom on top of your relationship with her,
    This is the perfect opportunity to practice forgiveness (easier said than done I know)

    Work wolf is coming over eh? Wow nice! Interesting turn of events. Again, I’m glad you have a new friend in your corner,

    Best of luck!

    1. ^you are right.
      i have been really stressed out in general.
      but you are right.
      forgiveness is the new test i’m trying to learn.
      i felt like the faith test put me through the ringer.

      yeah he is coming as a friend.
      nothing more to it.

  5. Kudos to you for being the bigger person. It’s never easy to be cordial with someone that has broken your trust but you letting her move back in is showing some progress. Just take it day by day and continue to pray about it. Eventually that pain that she caused you will start to ease away and you’ll be at a place where you can truly move on from the situation. And shoutout to you for having work wolf come over!! Go grab you a bottle of Invictus cologne…you know, just in case 😉 Hang in there buddy! I’m rooting for you!

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