another death in mi family

my sister’s aunt passed away last thursday.
i was sitting in my crib legit wondering what to do with myself.
i think i was about to play a video game when i got the text from her number.

“Homegoing services for __________________ …”

i was like WTF?
i called and her niece told me she passed.
her daughter died just earlier this year too.
it’s crazy because

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it’s not you, it’s (mi)

my sister is such a dumpster fire.
The Universe kept blocking us when we were supposed to talk.
my spirit wasn’t fully feeling it but when i did call,
she had just left her aunt’s crib or didn’t show up.
i spoke to the same aunt yesterday about her daughter’s funeral

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a death in (mi) family

i woke up this morning and saw 7 missed calls on my phone.
they were all around 6 am.
it was from mi’s aunt.
i felt a fear come over me.

“Is this it?
Is this the call?”

mi has been on my mind lately.
when i called,
all i heard was her aunt screaming.
this is when i started to pace around my apartment.
i pace around my apartment when i’m worried.
i’ll walk around my kitchen to the living room in a complete circle.

“_______ died!
She died!””

i couldn’t understand the name,
but once she got it out

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…but i trusted you and you do this to mi?

my sistermi” and i are the same.
we seek validation from others because we crave and yearn to be loved.
underneath all of mi’s mental illness,
she is someone who values having people in her life.
she has had to see important people leave her life at such a young life.
she witnessed a lot of death and clings to people she feels “loves” her.
so we are very similar,
but the difference between her and i is that…

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the truth about bipolar disorder and what it means to (mi)

i’m not really interested in this whole kanye west debacle.
he always seems to have these “moments” when something of his is about to drop.
like i said on twitter:

When he is being hauled off to the mental,
call me.

for someone like him,
he needs to be on meds for his outbursts.
if he isn’t taking his meds,
this is the outcome that will happen all the time.
how do i know?
well i want to be completely transparent with the foxhole tonight.
we share so much with each other,
but i want to lay something on the table

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when karen thinks her spirit animal is jason statham

“Karen got a gun now…
It hurts me when she’s pointing it in your face…”

we don’t need karens to start packing heat these days.
they are way too unstable for that kind of pressure.
in another exposure of “the wonderful world of karen“,
^that she-jackal had her guns drawn over a dispute in a parking lot
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