another death in mi family

my sister’s aunt passed away last thursday.
i was sitting in my crib legit wondering what to do with myself.
i think i was about to play a video game when i got the text from her number.

“Homegoing services for __________________ …”

i was like WTF?
i called and her niece told me she passed.
her daughter died just earlier this year too.
it’s crazy because

…that day and days before that,
something was telling me to call her.
not even a joke but my spirit was pinging hard but i kept putting it off.
we as humans forget that we all don’t have much time here on earth.
i think thats the part that made me dwell.

“If only I would have called…”

she was the last connection i had to my sister.
when i would call,
she would keep me updated with all the things my sister was doing.
her aunt has always been sick,
even from the time i met her when my mother married her nephew.
i kept telling her to stop taking on that chick and her issues.
mi needs to learn what it’s like to be alone.
she was too dependent on running to people to rescue her after hurting them.
my sister is energy poison and once you get infected,
you get wrapped up in her shenanigans.
the problem is that all of these folks that passed have created the monster that is her.

Mi is all alone now.

all of her family members that she ran to have died.
she thought they would be here forever to deal and clean up her mess.
it makes me sad and scared as to what’s next for my sister.
i don’t see this ending well tbh.
my sister trusts the wrong people and hurts the ones who sincerely care for her.
not to mention,
she is dealing with mental illnesses that she refuses to get help for.
the crazy part is after all that went down with me and her…

I’m NOT interested in reconnecting.

she chose this life of pouring gasoline on the bridges that loved her.
she can think of this as her karma but i pray she pulls it together.
rip to her aunt.

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “another death in mi family”

  1. I’m sorry to hear that especially around the holidays.I’m praying this death doesn’t send Mi over the edge.Maybe she has some positive,supportive people in her life.I hope so.

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